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YFA 5504



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This is a film of the ceremony conferring the Freedom of Beverley upon Councillor and Mrs Arthur Watts.  Events include a formal dinner and ballroom dancing.

Title – Freedom of Beverley conferred upon Councillor and Mrs Arthur Watts, in honour of their services to the Borough – 16th January, 1947.

The film begins in a room where people are seated and applauding.  Mr. and Mrs. Watts are seated at the front at a table.  An official in a wig reads out a proclamation, and there is more applause.  Then the Mayor gives a speech, and the presentation is made to each in turn.  There is more applause.  Another declaration is made and books are signed, to more applause.  Then there are some speakers from the floor, and a small girl presents Mrs Watts with a bouquet of flowers.  Both Mr and Mrs Watts make speeches, and people file out.

Intertitle – An excellent dinner, to commemorate the occasion, was held at the “Regal”.  Many notable people were present.

There is a large formal dinner, with servants putting out the plates.  One table raises a toast.

Intertitle – After dinner, to the music of a first class band, the guests enjoy an evening of dancing in the “Regal Ballroom”.

Couples are dancing around the floor doing the waltz, with some female only pairs.

Title – The End
Filmed by Debenhams.