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NEFA 13390



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Amateur film of a photo fair that features women modelling in staged sets for amateur photographers. The second part of the film records a beauty contest at Blackpool Lido.

Title: A Frandean Film

Title: Photo Cine Fair

The opening view is taken at a photographic trade fair, where models are used in various promotions for products and also as photo opportunities for visitors.

Two models pose on the bonnet of an E-type Jaguar sports car as photographers gather round. One of the models holds a camera with a telephoto lens.

A blonde haired model dressed in a pink mini dress poses on set. She changes position frequently, presumably by request from the photographers present.

A model in a gold dress poses solo at first and is then joined by a companion who uses a tin bath as a prop!

A change of scene as models pose in traditional costumes, in front of a black and white photographic backdrop. One of the models drinks a glass of champagne.

Two models in swimsuits pose with a small sailing dinghy as a prop. A model in a purple swimsuit sits in a chair in more subdued lighting.

The German airline Lufthansa provides a model on their stand who is wearing a white skirt suit, which may be a promotion for, not only the airline, but also a new uniform for their air stewards. Lufthansa posters decorate the background wall, as does a large photo of an airport runway.

Various models pose in fashionable mini and maxi outfits in a variety of different stage sets. One outfit is a glamorous slinky catsuit. A final 'glamour' model poses in a risqué black feather bikini.

More models in a variety of bikinis pose together on a the mock up deck of the SS Canberra [a state of the art cruise ship at the time]. A ship's steward or captain appears 'on deck' while one of the girls pretends to sunbathe.

Title: The End

Title: Beach Beauty Contest

Beauty contestants in swimsuits parade alongside the swimming pool at Blackpool lido. A good crowd watch the event from pool-side seats.

The models line up together carrying numbers printed on cards. Each model walks past the camera. Portrait views follow of three different contestants. Two models parade back past the camera.

Title: The End

Title: Interval