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YFA 5879



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This is a film made by Stanley Carr of Snainton, showing several fox hunts on a number of different occasions around Howe Bridge, in the Low Marshes between Malton and Pickering, and around Hackness in the North York Moors.  The film shows extensive footage of the hunts, some seemingly unsuccessful, beaters, or terrier men, unearthing foxes in a covert, and at the end a fox being caught by hounds.

A man on horse sets off from a farm, possibly Howe Bridge farm, and meets other participants in a fox hunt.  Others are there to watch and gather in a field.  A boy gets led on a pony.  The hunt sets off, led by the dogs.  A family group watch stood next to a car.  There is a long line of cars on a country path.

Intertitle – Howe Bridge   

A fox is chased across a field.  A woman watches, standing on top of a jeep.  Again the fox is filmed running across a field as it’s chased by a pack of hounds and the hunt.  They seem to have lost the scent and spend some time looking.  They pass a large country house. They continue over more fields through a valley.  It is now getting dusk.  The fox is again shown being chased, and again they seem to have lost the scent.  There is a red sunset.  

On another day we see the road sign for Hackness. Sausage rolls are being handed out for those gathering at the meet for the hunt.  The pack of dogs wait in anticipation.  They are gathering at a farm, watched by a crowd, with several thatched roofed hay ‘barns’ behind them.  They set off, the dogs running over fields, the horse riders on bridle paths.  There is a sunset.  Next day, with the sun rising, swans are shown on a pond and a hunt in the distance. 

A fox runs away near a fox hunter, or terrier man, and he signals the hunt to follow (it looks as if a fox has been chased out of a hole).  Dogs chase the fox over a field, and they’re followed by the hunters on horseback.  The dogs are trying to pick up the scent.  The hunters are stopped by a farm, before again setting off across a field.  There is a large fox running off and being chased.  Again they seem to have lost the scent.

A couple are out walking with their dogs in the snow.  Then there is another hunt.  A woman clambers down a bank and the fox terrier goes down a fox hole.  Then the whole pack of dogs go wild trying to get into the foxhole.  A fox is shown running across a field and is being chased by the dogs.  The fox runs up a steep bank, followed by the dogs.  A man walks through some brush with a Fox Terrier, a fox appears and runs off.

Intertitle – ‘Wo-oop’

The pack of dogs have caught the fox and are tearing it apart whilst a man stands over the dogs blowing his horn.  The film finishes with a head of a fox (a mask) displayed on a wall.

Title – The End (showing the foxes tail)