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YFA 1977



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This film documents fox hunting which takes place in the Malton and the surrounding area during the late 1930s.  The film includes many shots of the hunters and the hounds, both in town and country settings including Malton Market Place.  Some of the people taking part in the hunt are named in the intertitles.  Additionally there is some point-to-point racing at Easingwold, Scarborough, and Whitwell complete with slow motion film sequences. 

Title – Foxhunting
The Middleton
Meet in Malton Market February 1937

Watched by a large crowd, the fox hunt gathers in front of St. Michael’s Church and the market in Malton before the hunt begins. 

Intertitle:  ‘Meet at Amotherby, February 1938’  ‘Lord Grimthorpe’ 
Intertitle:  ‘T G Gouldsmith’ 
Intertitle:  ‘K G Russell’ 

All seated on their horses, Lord Grimthorpe, T G Gouldsmith, and K G Russell are shown in their hunting gear.

Intertitle:  ‘Meet at Malton Market, February 1938’  

A large pack of beagles wait to go, and then the hunt makes its way along a bridle path, crossing a road.

Intertitle:  ‘Leaving Hutton Wood & Banks’ 

The hunt passes over moorland, Hutton Bank.  Hutton Wood can be seen in the background before arriving in a village.  In front of a large house, a presentation is made to the hunt. 

Intertitle:  ‘About to draw the stick-heap at Eden House’ 

Some of the riders and the hounds congregate in a country lane.

Intertitle:  ‘Sally Pearson’ 

A woman helps a young girl down the grass next to a parked car. 

Intertitle:  ‘Meet at Old Malton Spring 1939’ 

The hunt meets in front of a snow covered field.

Intertitle:  ‘About to draw Eden House stick-heap’  

The hunt emerges from out of the wood.

Intertitle:  ‘Up Outgang Road Pasture House’ 

The hunt trots past a house.
Intertitle:  ‘Hutton Banks March 1939’ 

The hunt trots down Hutton Bank.

Intertitle:  ‘Hutton Banks Nov. 1939’ 

The hunt on Hutton Bank.

Intertitle:  ‘The Derwent’  ‘Meet at Howe Bridge February 1937’
Hounds rest in a field, and hunters arrive on horseback.

Intertitle:  ‘John Wilkinson and Miss Avison Pickering, 1939’ 
A boy and a woman are both on horseback.

Intertitle:  ‘Evelyn’ 

In front of a café, a woman stands between two riders. 

Intertitle:  ‘Mother & Dad with his first pipe!’
A woman and a man with pipe pose alongside a small girl in front of the café. 

Intertitle:  ‘Mrs Tindall nee Joan Kitching’ 

A woman on horseback speaks to the man with the pipe.  The hunt begins and leaves Malton market square.

Intertitle:  ‘York and Ainsty point to point Easingwold 6 April 1938’  ‘Mothercombe wins adjacent hunts race’ 
Intertitle:  ‘Blue Button wins ladies race’  
Intertitle:  ‘Traffic Light wins Hussars Race’  
Intertitle:  ‘Change wins Farmers Race’  

With a crowd looking on, several racers riding horses jump a fence in a field.

Intertitle:  ‘Stainton Dale point to point Scarborough 1938’ 

There is a brief shot of some riders who pass in front of the camera.

Intertitle:  ‘Hilary Branfoot leading on Black Maria’ 

Several riders jump a fence.

Intertitle:  ‘Stainton Dale point to point Scarborough April 1938’
After some footage of a race, a crowd stands outside a large marquee before returning to the race.

Intertitle:  ‘Middleton point to point Whitwell April 1939’ 

Riders make their way through the crowds at a racing event.

Intertitle:  ‘Ampleforth College beagles on Ampleforth Moors 6 March 1940’ 

A pack of beagles rest in a field where there is also a man in riding gear and a green jacket.  The boy and the beagles then make their way across some fields, and later on, the beagles are loaded into the back of a van.

Intertitle:  ‘Ampleforth College beagles, Father Sitwell & Smythe’ 

Those loading the dogs include two men in riding gear and green jackets, a boy in a cricket jumper, a man in a black suit and cravat, another man, and a woman.

Intertitle:  ‘Ampleforth College beagles visit to Kennels & Jack Welch 21 Apr. 1940’   

A brief shot of beagles.

Intertitle:  ‘Redcap’ 

The film closes with a scene of more beagles, some of whom are in a cage.