Film ID:
YFA 4384



Visitor Tabs


This film was produced by Sheffield Transport Department to advertise and promote the use of buses in and around Sheffield, providing a commentary on the places visited. The film shows a Sheffield family having a day out to Fox House, just near the border with Derbyshire.

A kodachrome film produced by Sheffield Transport Department

A man is sitting on a deckchair in his garden reading a book. He is joined by his son who also has a book. The boy folds up the deckchair, and together with his parents, leaves the house and boards a tram. They pass through the industrial part of the city, shown in the distance, and arrive in the City Centre, as a van from the Telegraph and Star drives past. They make their way to Pond Street Bus Station, filmed before the shelters were built. They board the number 42 bus for Fox House. They buy their tickets and the bus drives down The Moor, passing British Home Stores on the left. It carries on past Hunters Bar and All Saints Church, Eccleshall. More passengers get on at Eccleshall and it stops at the entrance to Whirlow Park. People walk around the ornamental gardens and lake in the park.

The bus carries on past Blacka Moor, where there are rhododendrons, and a girl picks bluebells. The bus arrives at Fox House where the passengers get off. An old big house is shown, possibly Longshaw Lodge. The boy gets an ice cream from an ice cream van. They pass a rock, Toad's Mouth, on the Hathersage Road, and then Padley Wood and Longshaw Estate. Children play in Burbage Brook. There is a view over Hathersage Moor, where the family settle for a picnic, with the boy playing ball with his father. They then make their way back to the bus stop and get the bus back home, travelling back down Eccleshall Road.

The end