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YFA 6028



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This is a film of the fourth test Ashes match with Australia at Headingly on Monday, 25th July, 1938.  It shows quite a bit of cricketing action.

Title – The Fourth Test Match at Headingley 1938.  Last Days Play.
Title – O’Reilly and McCormick open the Bowling to Edrich and Barnett and a packed ground.

There is film of some of the action, from a distance up in a stand, and from closer in by the side of the pitch.

Title – A Great Calamity, Hammond – caught Brown, Bowled O’Reilly from the first ball.

Action of the game is filmed.  

Title – Paynter livens the Play and causes Brown to Duck repeatedly.

There is more cricketing action, bowling and batting.  Women dressed in waiting staff uniform bring refreshments for the players out onto the pitch.  Bill Bowes bowls and two batsmen get out.  The scoreboard shows a total of 99, with 5 wickets down.
Title – After the winning hit, stumps are grabbed for Souvenirs.

A player hits the winning run, and the crowd comes onto the pitch as the players leave, the batsmen running.

Title – THE END of a MATCH of THRILLS in which Yorkshire invalids, Leyland and Hutton were sadly missed.

(B&W)  There is also action from an unidentified cricket match taking place elsewhere, possibly Trent Bridge.  The scoreboard shows a score of 25 without loss and the last innings as 365.  We are shown a fair bit of cricketing action and the crowd coming onto the pitch at the end.