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YFA 323



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This is a film by Charles Chislett of a family motor trip to the Pyrenees; from Bordeaux via Lourdes and Andorra to Biarritz.

Title - Four Wheels in the Pyrenees

Intertitle - At London Airport bound for Bordeaux

They arrive by car at the airport, and film the talk off, flight and landing.

Intertitle - Evening in Bordeaux, then next morning away by car to Les Eyzies in the Dordogne

At the hotel they pack their luggage onto the car roof rack and head off, stopping to film some agricultural scenes. They stop of at a village with an old church and bridge over a river where the group, including Rachel and a friend, pose for the camera. They further stop at other attractions on the way, observing local rural life.

Intertitle - Ah! Sunshine and breakfast

Sitting outside, they have breakfast at their hotel.

Intertitle - Les Eyzies has become famous because its caves have given the world a story of human life and adventure painted 20,000 years ago

The group explore Les Eyzies, the caves and the surrounding countryside.

Intertitle - The cave-dwelling fashion still survives in the area.

The village and some of its life is filmed, with houses using stone resembling that of the caves.

Intertitle - Besides being famous for its pre-historic cave paintings the Dordogne is said to have more chateaux than any other district of France

Some of the chateaux and the valley are shown.

Intertitle - Next morning we set off for the mountains

They continue their journey, stopping in a village to sightsee and buy food. They have a picnic by the roadside where a farmer is harvesting using an old harvester pulled by oxen.

Intertitle - The road to Ax-Les-Thermes

They stop off at a village where local women are washing clothes in a pool from a hot spring.

Intertitle - More picnic preparations before setting off for Andorra

Again they stop off at villages as they continue their journey through the mountains. Rachel picks some wild flowers.

Intertitle - A 'right of way' problem in Andorra

Several horses and ponies cross the road in front of their car, followed by a herd of cattle, before they continue, filming the scenery.

Intertitle - The ancient town of Andorra has been the capital of the state for eleven hundred years but it now has modern suburbs

They stop to fill up with petrol and take a tour of the town.

Intertitle - We re-cross the mountains in torrential rain and driving mist

The roads are shrouded in mist.

Intertitle - Breakfast aloft

Rachel and her friend have breakfast on the balcony of their hotel, and together with Mrs Chislett they wander around the village streets and markets.

Intertitle - We follow the mountain road via St Girons to Luchon

There is a sign for 'Col de Port', altitude 1,249m. They film the surrounding countryside, local wildlife and farming.

Intertitle - St Girons

They film some of the town before heading out and picnicking by a river.

Intertitle - Luchon

They have lunch at a caf?, showing the surrounding mountains, children at play and local life.

Intertitle - There are paths to suit all tastes

They take a walk along a path through the countryside, passing several waterfalls. They make hats out of the vegetation.

Intertitle - Lourdes

Masses of people are in the main church square as a long procession goes past. An open air service is held.

Intertitle - From Gavarnie you can walk to the cirque or ride

Rachel and her friend take a horse ride along the river. They stop for a picnic near a waterfall.

Intertitle - Westward to the Atlantic

People are playing and sunbathing on a beach.

Intertitle - Biarritz

More film of people playing and sunbathing on a beach, and of the holiday resort.

Intertitle - Let's walk across the Spanish border to Irun

They go for a sightseeing walk around the town. Outside the town farmers cajole pairs of oxen that are pulling carts of hay.

Intertitle - Pelota is one of the fastest of ball games

Children play the game of pelota (using xistera), followed by men playing, watched by spectators on the side. After more film of the sea and the countryside the film finishes with a red sunset.

The End