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YFA 454



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This is a film by Charles Chislett of a family holiday touring Ireland, featuring his children Rachel and John. They visit many historic sites, including the Puck Fair at Killorglin.

Title - The story of a holiday

Intertitle - Having arrived at Bangor (Wales) overnight we set off in the morning to catch the Irish Mail boat at Holyhead

Rachel and John unpack their luggage from the back of the family car (a red Singer 12, reg. LWA 728) at the hotel where they are staying, across from a church. There are horses and carts, and a road sign for Holyhead. They drive over the suspension bridge over the river, with John and Rachel standing in the car, heads out of the roof. A man is painting the cables of the bridge. There is a sign for the village of Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwll-tysiliogogogoch. Their car is driven off to go onto the ferry. Rachel and John stand watching.

Intertitle - Up on Holyhead there is more than a breeze!

They take a walk along the coast, near the lighthouse, where it is blowing a gale and the waves crash against the rocks. The children run over a red bridge walkway taking them across to the lighthouse. Rachel, John and Grace stand near the lighthouse, looking out to sea and down onto the bridge. Down on the dock Rachel and John jump over a bollard.

Intertitle - Morning finds us in sight of Eire

They land and wait on a platform for a train.

Intertitle - First impressions of Dublin

They drive off from the dock, next to the railway platform, in their car. Officials look under the bonnet of the car (the car having travelled on another boat). In the city centre they film the streets and traffic, including horse and carts. Grace leads Rachel and John across a road and they look at cakes in a shop window. They film down O'Connel Street with the Parnell Monument in the distance and buses going both ways. Then they look over River Liffey and at another cake shop. They visit the Zoological Gardens, viewing the various animals, including a large tortoise and a pair of long eared owls. They are next in a wide street, with a man laying a new thatched roof.

Intertitle - Picnic in sight of the Wicklow Mountains

They picnic near an old round stone building in a graveyard at Glendalough .

Intertitle - Kilkenny . . . . But no cats!

There is a large country house with battlements.

Intertitle - The old market town of Cahir

Cars are parked outside of Cahir House.

Intertitle - A wet day and the rock of Cashel

The streets are empty as it pours with rain. A car drives past. They visit the Rock of Cashel.

Intertitle - Tipperary

An almost bare street in Tipperary on a rainy day, with a rainbow overhead.

Intertitle - In the evening the hills are deep purple beneath a wild sky

Large clouds dominate the skyline over the fields. Rachel emerges from a building with a tiger head on and John behind.

Intertitle - Next morning we explore Cahir before breakfast

The streets are now sunny, although still almost deserted. Some of the local landmarks are shown, including a church. They do a tour of the Castle, with Rachel and John running around the canons, and looking out at the countryside from the top. Back in the main street through Cahir there are several horse and carts. There is an AA road sign for Lismore, 13 ? miles away.

Intertitle - Over the Knockmealdown Mountains

The mountains and surrounding landscape is shown. There is another large country house with battlements. Some travellers with horses and ponies pass them down a country lane, with a scruffy boy, and some goats, bringing up the rear. Grace and the children emerge from a shop, (Harney's?), carrying provisions. They are next in a city, with a docks, where Rachel posts a letter. Crops are being harvested in a field.

Intertitle - Bantry Bay with the Kerry Mountains ahead

Rachel and John throw stones out to the sea, as the sun goes down.

Intertitle - Morning in Kenmare

Two men come by with a donkey and cart as Rachel and John load the luggage into the car. They drive off and arrive in Kenmare. They stop on a coastal road, looking out at the sea and mountains. Farmers stack peat to dry in a field. The stop along a coastal road and Rachel and John go down to play ball and swim in the sea. Rachel comes out covered in seaweed. They look into an old abandoned stone cottage.

Intertitle - Next morning we set off for the 'Puck Fair' at Killorglin

They briefly look at the town and walk around the area. Rachel and John clamber over the stone in a river.

Intertitle - Half the tinkers in Ireland gather here for the three days of the fair

There is a long line of old style caravans. In the town there is a cattle market, and people inspecting horses. A man sits in a chair high up on a scaffold to conduct the auction. Another man speaks to a crowd gathered around him, outside the restaurant of A. Morris. Rachel gets her palm read. The horses are gathered together in a field with their owners and prospective buyers. In the background there is a fair ground and swings. Two men do a deal.

Intertitle - We follow the Atlantic Coast road

The children feed some turkeys, and go for a swim in the sea again, before sunbathing on the rocks.

Intertitle - 'Family golf' on the Kenmare 9 hole course

The whole family have a round of golf.

Intertitle - "Let's go and picnic at Glengariff"

They drive along a country road, and through a tunnel, arriving at the lake. Rachel plays with a dog. They take a rowing boat out onto the lake. Cormorants stand on the side.

Intertitle - Garinesh Island is there . . Believe it or not

They look around the gardens on the island.

Intertitle - A sea mist creeps over the hills to Kenmare

After looking at the mist, Rachel and John stand looking at the crucifix at the end of Dingle Peninsula.

Intertitle - In the morning we explore around Kenmare

Rachel and John play on some stones in a field. There are derelict houses and the village of Kenmare.

Intertitle - No day is complete for some people without a bathe

Rachel and John again go for a swim in the sea.

Intertitle - Staigue Fort was built by the Picts

They walk around the fort, Rachel and John wearing their swimming costumes.

Intertitle - Next day we follow the road to Glenmore which skirts the Kenmare Estuary

They park up, overlooking the estuary, and wander around the countryside, again seeing some abandoned crofts. Chislett stands on a rock looking out at the view.

Intertitle - The local Regatta

A crowd has gathered to watch the regatta, including Rachel and John, drinking pop. A boat load of men, all wearing swimming trunks, dive into the sea and have a swimming race, followed by a game of water handball. Some are made to 'walk the plank'. Next they are at a village market with cattle and pigs. They continue their journey through the countryside, arriving at 'Kate Kearneys Cottage', Killarney, where people are on horseback and one man blows a bugle. There is another view of mountains overlooking the sea.

Intertitle - Killarney

They film some streets in Killarney, with cars and horse and traps.

Intertitle - Kilkee faces the Atlantic

They film much of the coast, with Rachel again swimming in the sea.

Intertitle - Homeward bound

There is a tall old building, and then the boat they are to take back, finishing with a sunset.

The End