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YFA 2930



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This is a film about a cruising holiday that briefly shows tourism in: Messina Sicily, Dubrovnik Yugoslavia, Mallorca and Gibraltar. The film is made up mostly of scenes of tourists and a few cityscapes and landscapes.

Titles: "Four Ports of call"
"On a cruising holiday".

The film opens with a map showing the Mediterranean Sea. There is a boat with two men which pulls alongside another ship, picks a man up, and leaves. A pencil points on the map to Messina Sicily. The coastline and mountains of Sicily can be seen. Horse drawn carriages on one side of the street, cars parked on the other. There is a large ship in the port, with the words "Iberia, London" down the side.

A lady walks from the ship. A couple get into a horse and carriage waiting at the port. The town square; lots of religious buildings, a boy fills a jug from a wall tap. A couple walk down a street, and there is a small quiet beach with a few parasols set up followed by roads in the rural mountains. Next are scenes of a very urban town illustrating varying ways of life.

A pencil on a map points to "Dubrovnik" (in Yugoslavia). There is a single small boat in the sea, and lots of people in shorts and summer outfits on a crowded deck. Flags fly from the mast. A lady in a multi-coloured dress sits on a bench, opens her purse and inspects the money within it. "100" (Dina?) - Republic of Yugoslavia currency.

The ship approaches land, and people get off the ship. The port is full of many small boats. A red flag flies with the word "LIB-ER-TAS". The town is not too busy, though a number of people walk the streets. A car passes a tram on the side of the road. The tram is full of people. A bus parked next to a palm tree, sets off and follows the road into the mountains, and there are many views of the sea from the bus.

The bus passes a car on the side of the road. It is stuck with one wheel in a deep ditch. This is followed by a small town with crumbling buildings. A large important looking building with a man stood half way up a spire(?).

There are local men and women dressed in local dress. Many tourists file into a building. The bus now starts down the hill, passes two donkeys on the side of a road carrying packs.

The pencil on the map now points to Mallorca. Tourists climb off the bus into a quiet town, and there is a beach with tables and chairs set out. A woman in a white skirt and blue top with sunglasses sits on a rock. A donkey in a field operates and irrigation system that's set up, and there is a shot of a field of lemon trees. Villagers in the village above the field, wearing traditional clothing put on a show of dancing for the tourists.

Pencil on map points to Gibraltar, and there are views of land from ship. A building with words "Welcome to Gibraltar" is at the port, and tourists see it as they get off the ship. It is a very busy small town, lots of activity, people and cars. There are also gardens with many varieties of flowers. A policeman directs traffic, and a guard marches in front of a plain building.

A hillside with a building, the words "Mobilgas" and "Mobilubricant" written on the side. Vast mountains. A green car drives through a tunnel in the hill side.

There are monkeys in trees, swinging from branches and climbing mountain wall. A man stands with a monkey on his shoulders. The same man, minus the monkey, stands and itches his back.

The ship leaves Gibraltar, and the film ends as the sun sets on the horizon.

Titles: "The End".