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YFA 787



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This film is from the Kathleen Lockwood collection and consists of footage taken at the Royal Air Force base in Elvington where four members of the Holmfirth and Meltham Rotoract Club are about to take their first parachute jump.

The film opens on a sign which reads `Royal Air Force Elvington'.

Title-Four members of the Holmfirth and Maltham Rotoract Club-

Title-Make their first parachute descent.

A man tightens the straps on a parachutists pack. Four men wearing jump suits and parachutes stand in a field smiling at the camera. They stand around chatting as the man checks all of their straps one by one. There are close up shots of the various parts of the parachutes and instruments.

The men sit in the back of the plane and smile at the camera. Then the plane begins to move and a car drives along beside the plane as it takes off. Then the shot cuts to some people standing around in a field while one man is pulled along in a parachute by a car. Following this are more shots of the men sitting in a small plane smiling as it drives along the runway.

A man kneels on the ground and carefully folds a parachute. There is a long shot showing him doing this. Then the shot cuts back to the field where the first man is checking all the parachute straps on each man and then they smile from the back of the plane. There is another shot of the car following beside the plane and then the shot cuts to the four parachutists getting into the plane again; it takes off. There are shots of the parachutists floating down from the sky and landing in the field.

One by one the men walk back towards the camera carrying their parachutes and smiling. A man congratulates them and there is a brief shot of a certificate to say that Paul D. Mudd has completed their basic parachute training.

Title-Also presented with a certificate.

Title-Rob Peterson
David Sharples
John Woodhead

Title-The End.

Title-Produced by Kathleen M. Lockwood.