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NEFA 21731



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Film maker and railway enthusiast Chris Lawson explores steam railway traffic North of the Border and also in familiar Tyneside locations.

The film opens with a long distance view of an A4 class engine pulling a passenger train along an embankment. A long shot follows of what would have been at the time of filming the recently built Forth Road Bridge in Scotland. The camera pans to the right revealing a view of the older Forth rail bridge. A long view follows of a diesel goods train entering the first span of the rail bridge.

The film cuts to a  close up of engine no. 65234 a J36 class 0-6-0 engine working out of St Margarets loco shed in Edinburgh, although here it is in the process of being dismantled.

Cut to a station platform in the countryside where a considerable amount of railway track is being lifted by bulldozers and other equipment. A steam engine approaches in the distance, as a mechanical shovel puts the remains of some sleepers into a number of trucks. The steam engine is No. 65789 a Class J27, 0-60 engine working out of Sunderland South Dock.

The engine reverses, men with cutting torches work on dismantling rails. A trackside view follows as engine 65789 speeds towards the camera. The engine pulls the train of redundant sleepers out of the old station.

The film cuts to the same engine on a single track, a notice on the smoke box reads 'South Blyth Steam'. The camera pans upwards showing very tall 'semaphore' type rail signals. A trackside view shows the engine as it speeds towards the camera. More general views follow of the engine in steam.

A high angle view shows 65789 pulling a train of trucks followed by more general views of the steam train as it goes over a busy road .

The film cuts to a steam engine reversing with a passenger train.  A high angle view shows a steam passenger train coming through a busy junction next to a signal box. A solitary steam engine passes by travelling in the opposite direction.

High on an embankment and crossing a stone bridge a steam engine reverses pulling a train of metal wagons. 

A high angle view of a diesel train in a cutting is followed by a steam engine producing vast plumes of steam from its chimney, followed by a much slower solitary engine.

A platform view follows near St Dunstans signal box (Bradford?). A steam engine, 42252(?) , a 4-PC class 2-6-4T pulls a passenger train around a curve towards the camera.

The film cuts to a high angle view taken from a bridge as a steam passenger train speeds under it.

A 4-6-0 Black Stanier,  number 45227 speeds past pulling another passenger train.

A country station is next and from the platform views show a speeding engine pulling grey metal trucks.

Around a curve a 'double header', two steam engines pull a goods train. It speeds off into the distance.

A general view of a steam train follows as it runs through a rural landscape.  Cut to a steam goods train as it speeds past a country signal box.

The film ends  as engine no. 45562 'Alberta' a 4-6-0 Jubilee class speeds past with a passenger train. A notice just above the smoke box door reads 'Thames Tyne Limited'.