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YFA 4495



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Made by members of the Harrogate Cine Club, this film shows footage of a flower show and scenes from Harrogate, and also features locations in Knaresborough and York. The film includes intertitles which identify the different locations and events including the crowning of Harrogate's Floral Queen.

Intertitle: "The tree lined approaches to the town centre in spring".

People walk down a path on a park. Two young girls in brown coats approach the camera. The youngest sits amongst the crocuses. Then they both sit on a bench with an adult woman. The camera films other people walking.

Then there is footage of a flower show. There is a water feature, and a variety of plants. Some flowers sit on blue shelves in a display. There are some in the ground with a sign in front: "Hyacinth Gertrude". Another has "Hyacinth Perle Brilliant". Outside, two young women, both wearing blue jumpers, point towards blossom trees.

There is a building with a sign on the front: "Purchasing Officers Association".

Intertitle: "Conferences with over 1000 delegates are frequently held, such as this one - attended by the Lord Mayor of London".

The sign on the same building has been changed to say: "The Cotton Board Conference". Above is a banner for "The Daily Telegraph Flower Arrangement Festival". There is a fairly large crowd gathered outside. The Mayor walks in. People sit at little tables on some sort of balcony. Then there are further shots of flowers. People sit in the park in the town centre. A woman in a beautiful blue dress with pink flowers sits with a little boy beside a pond. Children play in it.

The camera then looks at Brimham Rocks, followed by Ripon Abbey. Children play on stepping stones in a stream. There is also a dog present.

Intertitle: "Knaresborough. A wealth of interest in its ancient history or a pleasant trip on the river".

There is a view over the town. Many boats go along the river, and people watch from the side. There is a very busy car park along the river, which flows very quickly.

Intertitle: "York. The famous Minster City with its museums, quaint streets, and Roman walls".

The camera films from one of the city walls. A couple walk towards the camera, the man in a suit, the woman in a long black coat. There is a view over the roof tops to the Minster. On one of the city streets, there is a sign on one of the buildings: "Hare's Printing Works". In one of the shop windows, there are figurines on display. On the river, a boat goes under the bridge. The camera also looks at York castle.
There is footage of several toys, including a mechanical monkey and bear, a dancing couple, a dog on a lead that moves, a cycling doll, a box of still dolls and another monkey.

There is a sign which reads: "The 5 Northern Antique Dealers Fair. Royal Hall Harrogate. Monday 12th to Saturday 17th September. The Countess of Harewood. Choice exhibits of rare old English furniture in mahogany, oak, and walnut. Early English, Chinese, and Continental porcelain, silver, jewellery, tapestries, Persian rugs, paintings, prints and object d'art will be shown by the antique dealers and will be on sale".

The building from before with the changeable sign now reads: "Open Daily 11am Northern Antiques Dealers Fair". People walk up the steps and inside.

Outside, on a lawn, are some stalls. People look around. One woman has an elaborately groomed brown poodle with her. Someone else's white poodle pulls at its lead to try and get close to it.

Inside, three string instrumentalists and a pianist can be seen playing. Outside again, a group of young women sit on the grass. They all wear sleeveless tops or dresses, except the girl in the foreground who wears cropped trousers. One wears sunglasses, and they all look very fashionable.

Women in waitresses' uniforms walk up the road towards the camera. They all have numbers pinned to their uniforms. Leading the way are "32", "33" and "37". They carry plates and bottles of wine.

A crowd of people walk up the street. Then the camera looks at a blue flag with gold text: "The Veteran Car Club of Great Britain North Eastern Section". Vintage cars drive by. Readable registrations include: "R1 632", "AD 4296", "CE 1726", "M1 729", "AR 2630", "04 198, "AW 316", "262 AR", "U44" (this last one has a sticker on the front: "Rolls Royce 1904"). The vintage cars are parked on a field and looked over by the public. This is followed by footage of flowers, both indoors and outdoors.

Intertitle: "The Mayoress crowns the Floral Queen on gala day".

She places a tiara adorned with flowers onto the girl's head. She holds a bouquet of red flowers and wears a long white dress. Little girls, also in white, hold her cape. They all stand on a stage.

A marching band passes on the street, people stood on the pavement watching. A procession goes by that includes children dressed up along with the Queen and her assistants on a float. There are a few other similar ones carrying other young people.

People sit and watch a tight rope act involving a bicycle. There are also a group of stunt motorbike riders, who drive around in a pyramid formation, drive through brick walls and through fire. There is then a night time firework display.

There is a shot of the exterior of the Ashton Hotel followed by one of a train carriage with "Sheila" painted on it. There is then more footage of the town, flowers, and people walking.

There is a crest on a white background which includes the motto "Arx Celebris Fontibus". This is Harrogate's motto and translates as "a citadel famous for its springs".

There is a sign on the side of a road for Harrogate.

People sit on long tables full of food and drink in the conference centre. This is followed by more footage of both the flower and vintage car shows.

Intertitle: "Beautiful Gardens. The rose gardens in a restful setting".

There is footage of rose gardens, then the Prince of Wales Hotel. A bus drives past with a "Littlewoods" advert on the side.

From here, the film features brief footage of a variety of activities and often returns to footage already shown earlier in the film.

In the middle of a field, martial arts are taking place on a white sheet stretched over the grass.
Children play golf.
There is a sign: "Harrogate Flower Show. Horse Gala. Here Sept. 5th 6th 7th".
There are tables full of chrysanthemums.
There is a man wearing a fake red beard, a tea cup on his head like a hat, and with a long pink tube sticking out of his mouth. He carries a glass of wine.
There is a Guinness float, which has a mechanical man that rings a bell. A clock is revealed which announces it to be "Guinness Time".
Sign: "Harrogate Ideal Home Exhibition. Royal Hall. Wed 23rd March. Sat 2nd April". A clock shows the time to be ten.
There is a table selling antiques, including cups, china, wooden drawers and figurines.
There is a shop window showing women's dresses.
Sign: "Welcome to the International Fair and Exhibition". Flags fly from the top of the building.
There is a temporary building with the sign: "Hall of Food and Wine". A stall inside has the sign: "Bombay's Emporium, Indian and Chinese Condiments". There is also a "Fashion Hall" with admission for "14" and a "Hall of the 20th Century".
Some gymnasts line up and jump over a wall with a springboard. Lots of people walk away from watching the even when it is over, many of the women wearing fur coats or stoles.
There are a group of children in fancy dress. One little boy is dressed as a lock, with black and white striped clothes. One very young girl walks towards the camera carrying a basket of flowers. She has a sign attached to her dress saying "3rd Prize".
There is a marching band, horses and children in a parade. A lorry covered in flowers (registration: "NTN 26") carries the Floral Queen and her assistants. A red car passes ("JWT 606") with another "Queen" in it. "Miss Knaresboro" also passes ("DWU 88"). There is a cowboy on stilts walking in the procession.
The Mayor makes a speech. The "Queens" release balloons into the air. This is followed by more parade footage, tight rope walkers and a pantomime horse. There is a jousting event, followed by show jumping.
A lorry drives over the field covered in flowers. It has a carriage on the back with children in, dressed as royalty and waving. There is further footage of the parade, which features a girl dressed as a queen with "2nd Prize" pinned to her. A boy in a similar King's outfit stands next to her. First prize wears a large silver crown or hat with a white veil coming out. What his costume is supposed to be is not immediately clear.

Intertitle: "Harrogate's Flower Show and Gala. The Mayoress crowns the Floral Queen".

The Queen walks with two younger girls holding her cape. The Mayor and Mayoress stand on a podium and make a speech. Then the Mayoress places a crown onto the Floral Queen's head.

Intertitle: "Harrogate's Flower Show and Gala. Spectacular high wire acts are the climax of the day".

A bike goes across the tightrope. Attached to it underneath is a horizontal frame with two people stood at either end. The group perform balancing acts, and spin the ladder round. Then another man rides a bike across the wire whilst holding a long pole. He then goes across on a unicycle. This is followed by another spinning act involving a large model aeroplane.

There is more show jumping.
There are fox hunters on horseback. A group of fox hounds surrounds them.
There is a very long scoreboard: "Professional Swallow-Harrogate Tournament". It features hundreds of names with their individual scores marked next to them.
The camera looks at the exterior of a church.
People walk through the street with the Mayor and Mayoress, army members and a marching band.
There is more footage of children dressed up and cars.
A different Floral Queen from another year is shown being crowned by the Mayoress.
A formation of planes flies over the camera. There are then more martial arts, people performing tricks on horseback, and more high wire.
There is golf, now with adults. The Mayor makes a speech with many people sitting and watching. A woman in the audience smiles at the camera, wearing a headscarf and round sunglasses.
There is a procession of vintage cars.
There are circus performers, including clowns.
There is more golf, footage of the Mayor making a speech, and shots of the scoreboard. This is followed by footage of flowers, Floral Queens, a Queen being crowned, a procession of people, horses and then more circus performers.