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NEFA 13483



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A short film promoting Turners' colour photo processing service. Includes footage of Turners Pink Lane shop in Newcastle and shots of lab technicians at work developing film and printing customers' orders.

Title: Focus on Colour

Filmed by Turners Film Productions

Photography: Peter Smith A.I.B.P.

Title: The miracle of colour photography enables us to capture all the excitement of our colourful world.

The film opens with examples of film shot in full colour; the changing of the guard ceremony outside Buckingham Palace, London, watched by some spectators; flowers; a man photographs his wife against an alpine mountain backdrop.

Title: Every day more people take colour pictures with ordinary cameras.

Portrait shots of two men and a woman pointing and shooting cameras.

Title: No special skill is required.

A young girl takes a flash photograph of her pet dog.
She runs into a staged photo shoot set of a living room with kitsch 1960s furniture, opens her camera and takes out the roll of cine film, sticks it in a metal canister and runs off to post it to the photo lab.

Title: An ever increasing number of photographic dealers send their colour processing to Europe’s finest laboratories.

People browse the windows of Turners camera shop in Camera House, Pink Lane, Newcastle. A mail bag of colour films for processing is tipped out onto a table, unwrapped and logged by a Turners member of staff for the processing staff.

Title: At Turners all processes are eight-o-clock tested before the day’s work begins

A Turner lab technician assesses a strip of colour negative on a lightbox, conical flasks of colour liquid on a table next to him.

Title: Here a test film is assessed to make certain that every film we process will yield the best possible results

Various shots of the man testing or colour grading the negatives.

Title: All’s Well and we’re ready for the day’s work
Colour film is processed.

Title: Colour film processing requires accurate temperature control and the whole process is timed to the split second

Racks of the negatives are moved through the baths of developer, fixer and wash. Another lab technician hangs them in drying cabinets.

Title: The films are dried in dust-free warm air. Before printing they are assessed and graded

A conveyor belt transports the box of processed film to another department where a technician assesses them and grades them for the printer.

Title: The colour balance is determined by skilled colour-graders using the latest electronic equipment

A technician grades the colour and records the information for the printer.

Title: A number of Agfa Colormat enlargers are in use and here is one of them operated by a highly skilled printer

The printer exposes the negative through the enlarger for the print.

Title: Exposed prints from all the enlargers come to this specially designed Agfa Processing machine which ensures the very highest degree of consistency in print processing

The printer clips exposed prints to a mechanical processor moving the prints through the Agfa machine. There is a shot of the printed pictures moving through rollers. In another department the finished prints are fed into glazing machines.

Title: Each print is checked to ensure that it is up to Turners high standard before final finishing

Turners staff examine different prints and correct the blemishes using paintbrush and coloured inks.

Title: Separate laboratories for each colour process have been specially designed by the manufacturers for Turners

A close-up of a Kodacolor package. A technician takes out a rack of processing negative rolls, unreels a roll and clips it to the drying rack. A close-up of an Ektachrome package. A woman places slide film into carriers and packages them for customers. A close-up of Agfacolor package. A technician operates a machine. A close-up of ferraniacolor. A technician turns on valves and checks a rack of negatives. A close-up of Gevacolor N5 film. A technician hangs a roll of film on a rack. Close-ups of a Kodak Ektacolor package and hands flicking through small coloured prints.

Title: Ask your photographic dealer to send your colour films to Turners of Newcastle

Back in the brightly coloured room set with 60s furniture, a grandmother sits in the chair knitting, and a young girl shows her the new photos just arrived from Turners.

Title: You will be delighted!

The two flick through the photos smiling.

Title: Remember! Ask your dealer to send Your films to Turners of Newcastle for processing (title over customer served at a Turners shop counter.)