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NEFA 18623



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Tyne Tees Television news feature about the Princess Mary Maternity Hospital's (formerly the Lying-in Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne) maternity flying squad who attend to a home emergency involving a pregnant woman, in urgent need of a blood transfusion during child birth.

A doctor is writing at a desk, either at home or at his surgery. He answers the telephone. He leaves his house in a leafy suburb and drives off in his car (a Bentley with a Newcastle registration plate). He arrives at the Princess Mary Maternity Hospital on the Great North Road and picks up a colleague, and what appears to be a district nurse/midwife, and they load the car with boxes of medical equipment, then drive off.

A man standing on a street corner opposite a row of partially demolished terraced houses flags down the doctor with a handkerchief. The car pulls up and the man gives directions to the doctor. The car drives up a narrow back lane to the back entrance of the man's house. The man runs up the street after the car. The equipment is unloaded from the boot. A nurse or doctor wearing a gown and mask surveys the scene from an upstairs window of the man's house.

The doctor and team enter a bedroom where a woman lies unconscious on a bed. A junior doctor and nurse are in attendance and the younger doctor explains his concerns to the senior doctor. The man accompanying the senior doctor sets up a stand in order to give a blood transfusion to the woman. The senior doctor and district nurse/midwife set up the mobile stand for the drip. The doctor prepares the woman's arm. The doctor then goes downstairs to reassure the woman's husband. They both smoke a cigarette. The doctor returns upstairs.

The woman is now sitting up in bed fully conscious while the midwife produces a baby wrapped in blankets from a small cot near the bed. The now healthy woman nurses her new baby, and seems quite relaxed and happy. A close-up of the new born baby ends the film.