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NEFA 21749



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Chris Lawson, railway enthusiast and filmmaker records more of the North East region's steam traffic on the railways.

The film opens showing a curved section of railway with signal gantries and a signal box in the distance. A steam train approaches the camera passing the two signal gantries. The engine is probably 'The Flying Scotsman' with an enthusiasts special excursion train.

The next  view shows the mutliple tracks of a major rail route, rail enthusiasts gather at the trackside to take photo's or to film. This time a train is being pulled by engine no. 45447 a Black Stanier 4-6-0 engine built in 1937. Another engine is immediately behind it forming a double header, where two engines are used to pull a train.

The film cuts to a high angle view of a curve in a cutting and an approaching steam train. The nameplate and engine number is obscured.

 A view follows of an engine heading towards the camera along a rural line through open countryside. Enthusiasts park their cars on a bridge over the line in order to film or take photo's.

Next, the interior of a car and a 'phantom passenger' view of the road ahead [somewhat out of focus]. The film cuts to a saddle tank engine, with no. 7 painted on the front buffer bar, standing stationary with a train of coal trucks. It then reverses, a colliery pithead(?) can be seen in the background.

An steam engine pulls a train of coal trucks alongside some other stationary coal trucks on another line, this engine is designated by a No. 2. These  views of NCB engines may have been taken in the Yorkshire coalfield.

This is followed with a view of a saddle tank, no. 63 filmed from the trackside pulling a brake van. Another saddle tank engine reverses hauling a train of coal trucks.  A general view shows the whole train making its way along an embankment in the distance.

The film cuts to enthusiasts milling around multiple rail tracks waiting for the next photo' opportunity. A stationary saddle tank stands nearby.

The film ends with a cut to a nameboard attached to a chimney of a locomotive which reads 'The Philadelphian'.