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YFA 4608

FLYING 1 & 2


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This film is part of the C.H. Wood collection and contains footage of a light aircraft flying at an altitude of 13,000 feet. There are shots of the Yorkshire coast and countryside as well as shots of the plane doing loops and spins.

Title-To Cloudland!

Title-Some impressions of flying.

Title-Produced and photographed by C.H. Wood with the co-operation of the Yorkshire Aero Club Ltd.

A light aircraft takes off from a runway

Title-We’ve all seen that from the ground…now how does it look from the `plane?

The shots are taken from the plane looking down as the ground becomes further away; they pass over fields and farm buildings.

Title-Rather `bumpy’ at first, as we circle over Yeadon town…

Title-But we soon gain height and settle on our course

The village is spread out below as well the surrounding countryside; the shadow of the plane is visible on the fields below. The plane follows a river and passes over a big viaduct.

Title-Along the rugged Yorkshire Coast and out over the cliff edge!

The plane flies along the headland and then out over the sea as it rolls over the rocks. It comes back over the headland and over the sea on the other side.

In another shot a train emerges from a tunnel and the plane follows it for a few moments and then flies out over the sea again.

Title-At higher altitudes it is difficult to believe we are flying at 110m.p.h.

The shots are taken from higher up and a village and multi-coloured fields are laid out below. Then the plane reaches a greater altitude and the uniform layout of buildings in a bigger town can be seen.

Title-But not all days are bright and clear, so when the Earth looks dull and gloomy…

A town is below but it is harder to see due to the fog.

Title-Let us climb still higher, up through the clouds.

This time a larger section of the countryside is visible, including a winding river. The plane flies into some clouds and the towns can be glimpsed briefly through the gaps in the clouds. Then the plane flies up above the clouds so that there are shots of them laid out below the plane like a platform.

Title-11,000 ft. above drab Yorkshire on a dull day.

Title-A limitless world of dazzling sunshine!

There are more shots of the fluffy clouds just below the plane.

Title-Higher still…to look down through gaps in this snowy plain to the Earth 13,000 ft. below!

More lingering shots of the landscape below the clouds; larger areas of Yorkshire are visible as the plane is so high up.

Title-But it is actually AMONGST broken Cumulus Cloud that we find the greatest beauty.

There are shots of the clouds surrounding the plane like individual while, fluffy, mountains. There are lingering shots of the clouds all around the plane as well as the landscape that is visible between them.

Title-Part 2 Follows.

Title-To Cloudland.

Title-Part 2.


Title-Settle yourself in the open cockpit of the D.H. Moth, for some stunting!!

The camera is in the passenger seat of the plane looking at the back of the pilot’s head. The landscape below is far away.

Title-Watch how the Earth, and not out AEROPLANE, seems to do the banking and turning.

From the passenger seat there are shots of the rudder of the plane and of the landscape moving as the plane turns to an angle. Then there are shots of the ground below and again back to the rudder where the earth appears to twist and tip.

Title-The same sensation occurs in a simple loop.

There is a shot facing the rudder and one facing forwards as the pilot turns the plane in a loop. The pilot follows this up with a few more rolls of the plane and then a couple more loops.

Title-We sit still and let the EARTH and SKY do all the turning and rolling.

The plane does some more rolling and half loops and this is followed by some shots of the back of the pilot’s head. The ground below can be clearly. The plane flies lower and glides over the tops of some buildings and then flies up high again into more loops and rolls.

Title-Now watch the view straight ahead as we go into a slow spin.

There are several sequences of shots taken from the plane looking out onto the landscape as it rolls and spins. There is a brief shot of the pilot who is now sitting in the passenger seat.

Title-And after those thrills let us return, in a cabin type machine, for a final glimpse at majestic CLOUDLAND.

There are some long lingering shots of the plane flying through and above the clouds.

Title-Down again to find Yeadon!

The plane flies above the clouds, lowers into them and then the shot cuts to the inside of the cabin where the pilot is looking through the window to see through the cloud cover. There are shots of the ground as the plane gets lower and lower and it eventually touches down.

Title-The End.

Title-C.H. Wood Bradford.