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YFA 38



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This film captures men flying from Doncaster to different airports, both in Britain and Europe, just before the outbreak of World War Two. The film includes aerial footage as well as scenes from the ground during takeoff and is a combination of black and white and colour film stocks.

The film opens with propeller planes on a field. People in overalls inspect the planes before moving them into position for take off. A man starts a plane by propeller method whilst other planes fly off in background.
The next sequence shows planes flying in the sky which are shot from another plane. A bright red plane that stands out in the shot, and there is also footage of the pilot. The countryside below can also be seen.

Intertitle - After a bit we met cloud at 600 feet

Intertitle - Then there was nothing else but cloud

Here there is extensive footage of the planes flying through the clouds.

Intertitle - Eventually we found the sunshine at 6,000 feet above the clouds all the way to Calais

The plane flies through the clouds, and glimpses of the fields below can be seen before the film changes back to black and white with more planes in the sky.

Intertitle - The Aero Club Von Deutschland, Rangsdorf, Berlin

Shots of an airfield.

Intertitle - Senors Coll, Xcula, Fabrigas, Ignio Coll and Herren Series, Poulet, Bischoff and Schumacher

There are shots of men talking and looking at the camera, and three men and a woman are standing by a car.

Intertitle - Frankfurt Aerodrome and the Gas Bag Box

A German plane shown from its side with words Schaefer D-AGAV and the Nazi Swastika painted on the tail. The cameraman pans across following a plane in the sky. Static Black and white shot of people outside Hotel Excelior

More shots of the airfield, and there is a big white building. A couple in a car wave to the camera before driving off.

A crowd has gathered at Ftschiffhalle. There is more footage of the airfield and hangar, and another plane is on the tarmac with the same Nazi symbol on its tail. A panning shot settles on a large four-propeller plane; however, this plane's tail cannot be seen as it is surrounded by other German planes.

Intertitle - Wiesbaden

Intertitle - In September we met at Lympne at one of the better parties. Going we passed the "Humble" Homestead and Doncaster

Four men wearing overalls and a lady stand in a field. There is a plane behind them. Following this is footage from a plane in the sky of the Doncaster airfield. There is also an aerial shot of large mansion, perhaps the "Humble" Homestead?

Intertitle -The gang descend on Lympne in formation- very difficult

A German plane takes off from grass, and there is more footage taken from the air. They continue on flying above Lympne airport. There are various shots in the sky and around the airfield including what appears to be an air display. German planes can be seen with airfield hangars in background.

Intertitle - Later in the month we went to Brighton to assist in prising the lid off the new airport at BrightonHoveWorth

Aerial shot of an aircraft hangar and runway.

Intertitle - No 19 Squadron gave their usual show and then sat down in the machine park

Taken from the ground, this scene shows planes flying in formation before returning back to the airfield where other planes are on display. The planes on the ground have the targets painted on the sides.

Intertitle - Guests in the castle grounds

The film closes with additional footage of the airfield, the large white building, and people milling around.