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YFA 3166



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This is the third of a three part film of the annual Flowers for Leeds competition sponsored by the Yorkshire Post. The film shows the winners in the different categories for 1955, as well as other examples of colourful and well-kept gardens.

A boy kneels down with his younger sister in their front garden (at number 5) admiring the flowers. Then two more house gardens are shown, before two girls are sitting in a large garden with a greenhouse. They dance around a tree, before their parents take a stroll around the garden. A man mows the front of his garden with an old style lawn mower, with his wife helping out and their two daughters sitting on the step. Another semi-detached house has a terraced front garden. On the opposite side of the street is a wall covered in advertising posters, with cooling towers in the background.

Intertitle - Now for a Water Garden

A woman sits by a large pond in a garden. Another garden has a smaller pond. The owner comes out with his dog and places milk bottles in the pond to keep cool.

Intertitle - Gardens on 'The Bank'

There are a group of pre-fabs, with a church just behind, and with lovely gardens at the back, on Ellerby Garth. A couple stand outside one of the gardens with their daughter. In another garden two small girls admire the flowers. In another pre-fab house a boy sits outside.

Intertitle - Best Municipal Garden (Lupton Cup), Mr N P Griffin

Two girls stand looking at the colourful front garden of the winner, and one of them sits on the step. At the side of the house there is a greenhouse.

Intertitle - Best Non-Municipal Garden (Tetley Cup), Mr A E Mulley

On Oakhurst Mount, an elderly man sits in his suite and flat cup with folded arms as we look around his prize winning garden.

Intertitle - The Championship Garden, Mr R D Beattie, Ireland Wood

A bus driver alters the destination on his number 30 green route master bus to Headingley West Park. There is another very colourful garden, with a girl sat on a beach with her dog and father. The girl walks to the end of the garden and beckons three children who come running after her. She is then joined by her mother and her doll in a pram. The mother points out some of the flowers.

Intertitle - A new Parks Department Contest was won by Armley Park

Two park keepers stand in the centre of the park, which looks amazing. Behind them is the park keeper's house.

Photographed by . . .
Betty and Cyril Ramsden, Will Bennett, Arthur Jellings, John Eley
Of the Leeds Camera Club Cine Circle

The End