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YFA 3165



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This is the second part of a three part film of the annual Flowers for Leeds competition sponsored by the Yorkshire Post. The film shows the winners in the different categories for 1955, as well as other examples of colourful and well-kept gardens.

Intertitle - Here are some window boxes

At the Eldon Hotel, a Tetley's public house on the corner of St Mark's Street, there are window boxes and hanging baskets. There are also window boxes and hanging baskets on an end terrace house. Then on to some flats, Moynihan House, with a woman at her window box. Following this is a mid-terraced house with a boy and girl posing with the flowers. The same at Wood Place, with a woman adjusting her window box. Then on to a green square in the middle of some houses, with a statue of a water nymph.

Intertitle - Some splendid small gardens were seen

There is a front garden with potted plants, then a lovely back garden, with a statue of an eagle, and the owner tending the plants. A proud owner stands near his small front garden, full of colour.

At Colwyn Road, children look into a garden which has a small well and a gnome fishing in a small pond. A small boy sits on the steps. At another house a husband and wife pose in their garden with one of their mothers. A basket of flowers hangs next to a window with a bird cage. There is a view down a cobbled street with a couple of old cars parked, onto a main road with trolley buses passing. A boy goes into the back gate at Number 6, and props the gate open to have a ramshackle view onto the back garden.

Intertitle - Street Group Winners - at Iveson Crescent

A line of houses on the Crescent have nice gardens. Two small girls are out in one. Onto another garden with a gasworks in the background, and another wonderful garden, with a boy on his tricycle and his small sister.