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YFA 3164



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This is the first of a three part film of the annual Flowers for Leeds competition sponsored by the Yorkshire Post. After showing examples of colourful and well-kept park areas in the city centre, the film shows the winning entries in the competition from the various categories.

The Flowers for Leeds Committee presents
In collaboration with the Yorkshire Evening Post
Title - Flowers for Leeds
Photographed by the Leeds Camera Club Cine Circle

The film opens with a close up of seed packs in a man's hands before examples of different flower varieties in bloom.

Intertitle - Best Youth Group Garden was that of Cross Gate Boys (Robert Barr Cup)

A group of people, presumably the judges, are walking around the school building inspecting the border flowers. Boys tend to the border in front of the school building, helped by a teacher. A group of children sit on a lawn among the flowers whilst a teacher points to the different plants. The judges make notes. Three older boys pose next to a flower bed. Then a group of boys pull up potatoes.

Then it is onto Parklands Primary School, where younger boys and girls use hoes to tend to the flowers across the grounds.

Intertitle - A Flowers for Leeds Judge's Garden

A woman comes into her garden, which is shown in close-up.

Intertitle - In the Championship class the standard was high
Two women pushing a pram walk past a garden on the corner of Fir Tree Grove. A group of children sit outside the house posing for the camera. Three small girls go by, one of them on a tricycle.

Then there is a sign for Thorpe Crescent. Here another splendid garden is shown in detail, with the proud gardener. Next on to Ullswater Crescent and another semi-detached house at 176. This house has a garden where it has been planned very symmetrically so the square centre bed is surrounded by a square lawn and neat rectangular borders.