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YFA 3162



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Flowers for Leeds is competition sponsored yearly by the Yorkshire Post in which a variety of residents in different postal districts take part in getting their gardens into the best order.  This film takes a look at some of the contestants, and each house and gardener is identified by intertitles. 

The film opens with shots of well-tended gardens in the centre of Leeds with a bus going past.

Title - Hollin Park – Mr W. Penistone
81, Dib Lane

A woman wanders around the lawn, before close-ups of brightly coloured flowers. Two children are helping out in the garden and a man tends his patch with a hoe.

Title - Postal District 8 – Mrs L. Wilson
Well House Avenue

Many flowers are seen in a layered wall garden and in stone planters.

Title - Meanwood – Mrs R. Bury
158, Potternewton Lane

Next, the film shows a large house with well-kempt herbaceous borders.

Title - Postal District 7 – Mr A. Wilson
516, Street Lane West

Another garden is shown with a pergola and a fish pond that has koi carp in it.

Title - Moortown Estate – Mr G.E. Elsworth

A sign read “Deanwood Drive” and a number of cream-coloured houses can be seen. A butterfly flies past some geraniums.

Title - Ireland Wood – Mr G. Mackley

A sin reads “Iveson Crescent 6” and there is a brief look along the entire street. More brightly coloured flowers are shown close-up.

Title - This was one of a winning street group.

From a moving vehicle the camera pans along the street with the residents tending to their gardens as the car drives past. At the end of the street a man is setting up a tripod.

Title - Church Garden – St. Peter’s Hunslet

Next, the film shows men walking down the street where there is a shop advertising Capstan Cigarettes. A trolley bus goes past a Leeds City Transport sign and the church garden can be seen in the foreground.

Title - Two Small Gardens –
39, Back Colenso Road
29, Colwyn Road

A woman tends her flowers and cabbages in a small garden, before a shot of another garden with an ornamental well.

Title - Postal District 12 – Mr W. Norbury

There is a sign above an archway reading “Chatsworth Terrace” as a steam train goes past above the gardens. Some children run along the path past the allotment whilst a man in overalls tends his flowers.

Title - The Young Idea – at 1, North Hill Road

About a dozen children line up in front of a house to pose for the camera. All the children are then seen helping out in the garden with the flowers and vegetables.

Title - 43, Sissons Avenue
Mr F.D. Boldy

Some children pose in front of a hedge, before shots of the greenhouse and a rockery.

Title - Cottage Flat Garden at Westfield
Mr. Dabycz

In this garden, heart shapes have been made using small stones.

Title - Greenthorpe – Mr S.L. Boulden

A woman tends to her flowers with a trowel in the garden, and there are shots of crazy-paving and a greenhouse.

Title - Quarry Hill Flats

A few pedestrians walk around in front of the flats.

Title - Garden Borders – Mr J. Unsworth
Moynihan House

Close-up shots show off the brutalist architecture of the flats and the flower gardens outside of them. A man in a waistcoat and flat cap tends his borders with a fork in front of a sign reading 9-14 Moynihan House. This is followed by a younger couple on a concrete balcony and a sign reading “23-30 Moynihan House”, where some children walk past pushing a pram.

Title - Window Boxes – Mrs O’Brien – a Great Grannie!

After a sign reading Moynihan House 71-79, the camera pans upwards to a window ledge where a grandma and two children look over the complex with a window box on the sill.

Title - Photographed by …
John Eley
Arthur Jellings
Will Pearson
Cyril Ramsden
of the Leeds Camera Club Cine Circle

Title - Film Commissioned by The Yorkshire Evening Post
The End

Title - But for You – The Beginning?