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This is a film of the annual Flowers for Leeds competition sponsored by the Yorkshire Post. After showing examples of colourful and well-kept park areas in the city centre, the film shows the winning entries in the competition from the various categories.

The Flowers for Leeds Committee Presents
Title - Flowers for Leeds
A record of the 1957 Competition
Photographed by the Leeds Camera Club Cine Circle
By arrangement with the Yorkshire Evening Post

The film begins with a flyer advertising the competition.

Intertitle - But first, it was cold . . .

Trees are being blown on a very windy day. A gardener is out digging his garden in a duffle coat, with a scarf wrapped over his head. He blows his hands to warm them up. He fills his wheelbarrow and walks off.

Intertitle - Then it was hot and dry . . .

The gardener is then out in his garden tending to his flowers when he sits, opens a bottle of beer, pours it into a pewter tankard and has a drink.

Intertitle - Then it rained and rained . . .

The gardener is now in his garden in the pouring rain (simulated) wearing a waterproof overcoat and hat. A large puddle is forming around his Wellington boots. The film then shows many examples of colourful flowers in close-up. Two girls, all dressed up, stand next to some flower boxes at the end of the garden waving, with the Leeds Town Hall clock tower on the other side of a row of houses. A garden is shown on an end terraced house on a cobbled street. The gardener and his daughter stand in the garden.

The film switches to show a bright new yellow lorry emerging form the building of the National Benzole Company Ltd.. A flag is raised for the company outside the building, with well-kept grounds. A family stand at the front door of their nice garden. A woman comes into the back garden to show some of the many flowers. Elsewhere another couple are tending to their garden, situated in a park. They pose in front of a flower bed. The film moves to a cobbled terraced street, with a pram in it, and a railway line raised on an embankment at the end. A diesel train goes past, and a garden is briefly shown.

Elsewhere there is a sign for Cliff Road, leading to Cliff Road Gardens. There is a view of the street before a girl opens the gate at her back garden. She poses with her dad in front of the miniature house he has built in his amazing garden. A bird drinks water from a jar placed next to one of the little toy houses dotted around the garden. The film moves on to a garden in Tilbury Street, and several more, including some with window boxes at the front; one with an Asian girl who poses next to a window box. Another has two girls pointing to the flowers.