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YFA 2884



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This is a film of the annual Flowers for Leeds competition sponsored by the Yorkshire Post. After showing examples of colourful and well-kept park areas in the city centre, the film shows the winning entries in the competition from the various categories.

The film begins with a clock tower, clock tower of Leeds Town Hall showing 10 o'clock on an overcast day. Cars and pedestrians pass by a nearby street corner.

Intertitle - The flowers for Leeds Committee endeavour to stimulate pride in the City of Leeds and its appearance by the cultivation of flowers and the care of gardens.

Next shown are the flower beds are in front of the Leeds General Infirmary on Great George Street. It's a bright and sunny day.  Gardeners tend a well-kept and colourful park. There are close-ups of some flowers.

Intertitle - Some winning gardens

Intertitle - At 22, Grovehall Avenue, Beeston, Mr Mulley

The flowers in the front garden of Mr Mulley are shown, with some boys looking on.

Intertitle - At 136, Alwoodley Lane, Mr Hardy

The beautiful garden of Mr Hardy is shown, with a woman sat out in a deckchair.

Intertitle - Best Municipal Garden: Mr R D Beatie, Ireland Wood

The house is shown in the street, with two tricycles parked outside. There is a large well-kept garden with greenhouses. Two boys sit in the impressive garden; one of them gets up and fires a bow and arrow.

Intertitle - Pre-fab site: Mr G H Blane, St Mark's Street, Woodhouse

There is a church at the end of the street, and a group of children playing near the pre-fab house, which has a lovely garden around it.

Intertitle - A Class Winner, Mr J V Daniel

There is a street sign for South Parkway, and two women are sat on the grass in the street as a couple of small children walk past. Next to them is the winning house with a man out tending to his garden.

Intertitle - Champion Garden: Mr S Mawson, 28, Southwaite Lane, Seacroft

There is a row of well-tended front gardens. On the street someone is filming, with a group of children looking on. One garden is shown in close-up, with two women watching from a nearby house doorway.

Intertitle - Committee Tour August 16th

A group of people walk around a garden and cups are presented to the various winners at their homes.