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YFA 5703



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This is part of a collection of films made by butcher and amateur filmmaker Henry Foster of Acomb.  This film shows families picnicking on the seafront as well as the aftermath of severe flooding in York at the Holgate Road junction of Acomb and Poppleton Roads.

The film begins showing groups of people stood by their cars on a seafront somewhere.  One family are boiling a kettle.  Another have a picnic box attached to the back of their car which turns into a table upon which they place cups and saucers and a teapot.

The next section of the film features flooding in York.  The streets are flooded at the junction where Holgate Road divides into Acomb Road and Poppleton Road.  A Post Office Telephone van gingerly makes its way through the deep water past a group of children who are standing in a bus shelter.  Others stand around the shelter in the middle of the road next to a phone box.  A man on a motorcycle, carrying a pillion passenger, attempts to go through the water but is forced to give up.   On one side there is a large building in the background with advertising hoardings on it, including ones for Guinness and Bile Beans.  Children play in the flooded area, and two more lorries slowly go through it, one carrying milk urns.  On one corner is a shop for F L Fosters Ltd., opposite a row of shops, including one for pianos and radios, Baxter Chemists and Hall’s Dairy.  Next to these is the Fox Inn.  An army vehicle slowly goes past, and a bus with 28094 RN written on it, carrying uniformed personnel, men, passes by (most likely Royal Navy.)  It looks as though it gets stuck as the film comes to an end.