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NEFA 13693



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Amateur film of the Flinton family during leisure time, probably on holiday in the North Yorkshire moors and Scarborough in 1955.

Children play on a lawn sitting on small rugs. Family members and siblings sit among them on the grass and in front of an ornate rockery.

A quiet village scene features young women walking down the street, some holding babies. A small boy rides a tiny tricycle with a learner plate attached.

Family members walk along a village street somewhere in the North Yorkshire moors. Next, they make their way up a steep path in garden terraces by the sea in Scarborough. The family walk towards the Holbeck Clock Tower in the Esplanade Crescent.

There are boats and people punting on the Scarborough Mere in the the Weaponness Valley, as the tourist attraction, the Hispaniola pirate ship, sails by.

Group portrait of the Flinton family in front of the Holbeck Clock Tower.

General view of radar poles (?) on the Yorkshire moors, possibly Fylingdales Moor. General view of the moors and the Cleveland Hills in the background.

A cricket match takes place at a ground on the outskirts of a moorland village, the family seated in the field watching the game.

Several sequences record a motorbike racing along a village road (learner plate attached), in one shot passing a Morris Minor Traveller parked on the road.

The family hike along lanes and paths through the moors, a woman snapping a photo of the filmmaker in one shot.

Title: The End

Title: Whitsun Holiday

Title: Scarborough 1955

People are enjoying leisure time, perhaps on the Mere in Scarborough. The the Hispaniola pirate ship is moored at the end of a jetty, picking up passengers. Various shots of ducks on the boating lake follow. People enjoy rowing on the Mere. The Hispaniola sails past with its passengers.

General views follow of the war memorial at Oliver's Mount, the South Bay and castle.

Title: To the Bathing Pool

People enjoy time in the South Bay open air pool, people diving from the concrete diving platforms.

Panoramic view of the coastline at Scarborough. Overhead shot of a floral sundial in a park, then back to a view of the bay.

Two people stand at the entrance to Gala Land, an underground amusement park.

General views of a densely crowded beach. The Guiness Festival of Britain Clock display is in action. More general views follow of the crowded resort, the promenade, looking north across the bay towards the pier and funfair. People are enjoying themselves on the fairground rides. 

After further panoramic views of the North Bay, the film records the South Bay.

Title: Castle and South-Side

Close-ups of a plaque that reads: "Behind this wall lies the grave of Anne Bronte". A shot of the grave follows. Various shots of Scarborough Castle follow. Children play on some swings and a see-saw on a patch of grass.

More general views of the crowds visiting the seaside resort follow. The outdoor pool in the South Bay is crowded.

People enjoy a ride on the North Bay Railway, a seaside miniature railway. The Water Splash amusement is also in action beside a boating lake.

The final shots are of a floral display at a roundabout in Scarborough town centre.

Title: The End