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YFA 3853



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This film captures scenes from the Bingley Motor Gymkhana. It includes footage of men riding motor bikes around an obstacle course as well as the other festivities and crowds which accompanied this event.

The film opens with a man in a bowler hat and cane who is standing in the street with his dog. He feeds the dog treats. A horse and cart travels down the street as a woman skips along the path to meet another woman. A man rides a motor bike with a side car past shop fronts down the street.

Title - Flashback 1929 Bingley Motor Gymkhana.

Men, with paper bags over their heads, walk around looking for their motor bikes. When they find them, they get on and start to ride around an obstacle course. In the race the men then climb on hanging tyres. Then the competitors bob for apples in large containers filled with water. They then sit on their motor bikes and drink bottles of drink in one go before blowing up balloons.

Crowds of people are gathered at the Gymkhana. Men and women stand next to each other with dogs on leads. They compete against each other to find the best dog in show. Cows are gathered in pens made out of hay bales. Crowds of people walk around the gymkhana as a few people ride horses through the crowds.

Spectators are seated around the arena as horses are ridden in a show.

Crowds of people are gathered on town streets waiting for the parade to pass. A fire engine leads the parade and is followed by a man and woman dressed as King and Queen. They are sitting in the back of an open toped car. Children walk along the parade dressed up in various costumes past different floats.

Scouts, guides, firemen, and members of the foreign legion march along in large groups down the parade route. In the middle of the town square a pole is decorated with bunting.

A large unlit bonfire is set up on the top of a large hill with men and women standing at the foot of it.

Crowds of people are gathered together around a band stand in a park.

Spectators stand around the sides of a pitch as a football match takes place. Girls perform dances on a stage for the crowds. Boys and girls sit cross legged on the grass eating sandwiches and drinking from cups.

A fireman stands next to a fire engine with hoses connected to it "City of Bradford Fire Service." People watch in the streets as the firemen connect the hoses to the water supplies in the street and put out a burning building. Smoke and fire pour out of the windows.

Title - Yorkshire has its share of great industrial cities.

Factory roof tops and chimneys, with smoke coming from them, are seen over the city scene. One of the factories is WAUDS Bradford.

Using a crane, a man lowers a large bundle from the top window of a building to men standing on a horse-drawn trailer. Once the bundles are loaded onto the trailer, a man leads the horse through the town streets.

Title - Haworth Home of the Bronte's.

People walk along the sloping, cobbled streets past shop windows. In a pottery shop along the street, there is an outside display of various shapes and sizes of pots. Other businesses in the area are shown with their shop signs Black Bull Hotel, Bronte parsonage Museum. Houses and gardens are seen from a residential street, next to a church building, with people walking in the grave yard.