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YFA 564



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Part of the Pashley Collection, this film features a day out at the Flamingo Park Zoo in the North York Moors.

The film opens with a shot of the entrance to the park. Inside, a variety of different animals can be seen including flamingos, parrots, cranes, bulls, tigers, and sea lions.

Sign - Swinging & Dodgy Baby Bears (trainer?) Norman Vaughan

Two small bears play around in the habitat, and some passers-by also look at the monkeys in their cage. The film goes onto feature more of the animals on display at the park. At the parrot cage, parrots take turn on the visitors' shoulders. More exotic animals are also at the zoo including elephants, kangaroos, and peacocks. Animals also perform for an audience. This includes two monkeys who sit and have a tea party. Children are gathered in the front row, and the adults stand behind.

The family make their way around the zoo, and at some points, visitors are able to feed the animals. One of the trainers works with a dolphin at an indoor pool. The film closes with extensive footage of the different animals held in captivity at the zoo.