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YFA 835



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The following film features a fishing trip taken by members of the Bradford Police Department followed by a cricket match which is played at Arthington, near Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Title - City of Bradford Police C.I.D. Reminiscences 1937. Board of Censors Certificate
Title - To end the summer season the boys go fishing.
Notice - Bus leaves Alhambra 8am prompt Sunday 19th September

A bus is parked outside the Alhambra.

Title - As usual - one short.

A clock on the bedside table shows after 8am, and next to the table, a man is still asleep in bed. The hands on the clock then quickly turn until the time shows 8:40.

Title - come to the bus, the bus must go to the man.

The group of men get on the bus. This is followed by a street sign for Bude Road.

Title - However, having served our time to "knocking up," the sloth is awakened.

A man walks up to the front door of a house and knocks on the door quite vigorously.

Title - (with stops) we arrive at a seaside resort.

The bus pulls up to a sidewalk. The men disembark and make their way into the Crown Hotel.

Title - The boys make their way to the fishing ground.

The men walk down the sidewalk, and many of them hold overcoats over their arms. This is followed by a shot of the harbour which is full of boats.

Title - Hello! This looks like deep sea fishing.

All the men get into the boat, and many of them wave at the camera. A few others are brought over by a rowboat.

Title - The bad sailors having plasters on their tummies, decided to chance it, and off we go with the "Glomain'" forging ahead.

The boat makes it way out to see, and there is footage of some of the men on deck.

Title - The nets are cast.

The nets are cast off the side of the boat.

Title - And time is passed in true sailor style.

Sitting on the side of the boat, one of the men is comically conducting the other men who are all singing along.

Title - One member is losing interest already.

This man smiles at the camera and then goes onto read the newspaper.

Title - After one hour of this amusement the nets are hauled in.

One of the sailors pulls the nets in from the water, and the men gather around to see what type of fish and other sea creatures have been caught.

Title - After a count of the catch the good sailors continue their shanties.

There is another shot of the "conductor."

Title - and disinterested members wait patiently for land.

There are shots of various men who have fallen asleep.

Title - A safe trip to harbour and we are the envy of the town.

The men return and show off all the film they've caught.

Title - During the summer months, club nights were spent out of doors. (at least, part of them.)

Title - Arthington

The next part of the film features a cricket match. The men begin practicing and warming up. A large ground roller is then hauled onto the field to level the playing area. Now ready for the game, the men, along with two umpires, come out of the pavilion and on to the field. The game begins, and many different men are seen batting, and there are various shots of the match. There is also a group of spectators who are seated on a bench on the side-lines.

Title - And that's that. The End.