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YFA 839



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This film features policemen from Bradford on a day out in Cundall on Swale where they participate in a fishing competition.

Title - Cundall on Swale 1955
The Robert Sugden Trophy

Title - George digs for his bait.

A man is digging through a dirt pile. There is then a close-up of a can of worms which he holds up for the camera.

Title - But bill has another way.

A pig is digging through the dirt with its snout. Bill then picks up some of the worms which the pig has unearthed.

Title - An early start.

A few men are standing near the back of a bus.

Title - Getting near
Sign - Cundall
Title - Winner maggots supplied by our friend Dave.

Dave is standing by the back of a car. He then runs his hand through a box of maggots.

Title - Lunch time

A man is sitting, eating a sandwich. There is then a shot of baby piglets feeding in a field.

Title - Sorry!

Back to the man eating a sandwich.

Title - The Draw for Pegs

The men gather around and draw their spots from a large sack. This is followed by a shot of the surrounding countryside and a close-up of the flowing water.

Title - Time to Start

A man blows a whistle signalling the beginning of the competition.

Title - And to work in earnest.

One of the competitors casts off his line and other fishermen can be seen along the riverbank. Some of them catch fish and bring them in with the aid of a net. Proud of his catch, one of the men holds a fish up for the camera.

Title - Time please

Again, a man blows a whistle, this time to signal the end of the competition.

Title - What's the weight?

The fishermen gather together and weigh their catch.

Title - Hold that fish up Eddie

Title - The Winner P.C. Len Cordingley

The officers stand together for a group picture in front of the bus. The winner is then presented with a trophy, and upon receiving it, shakes the man's hand.

Title - The Novice P.C. Jack Sutcliffe

Sutcliffe holds up the metal cup he's won.

Title - The end of a perfect day.

After the competition, the officers head into the Black Lion pub.

Title - The End