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YFA 5499



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This is a film of a trip on a sidewinder fishing vessel going out from Hull into the North Sea.

The film begins showing ships docked on the River Hull, near Hull.  There are possibly fishing vessels in St Andrew’s Docks.  A sidewinder fishing boat is filmed leaving the docks from on board, looking back at Hull as it goes out to sea, accompanied by another ship, ‘Recto’.  Other boats can be seen and a tug pulls up alongside with the name “Herbert Crampin”.  They carry on their journey passing an assortment of boats and ships.  On board a man repairs a fishing net. Two of the fishermen pose for the camera, while others repair nets.  They pass a high mountainous coastline, and arrive at a small port, possibly Norway.  They head off again with the sun going down, with fishing boats going back the other way.  They haul their net in and unload the catch.  The film comes to an end as another trawler can be seen nearby.