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YFA 1447



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This is a film of a fishing trawler in operation in the North Sea, part of the Hull Maritime Museum Collection. It shows the trawler hauling in their catches and fishing, along with other fishing trawlers, in very rough weather in the North Sea.

A fishing vessel is out at sea, taking in catches in stormy weather. It passes the destroyer HMS Battleaxe (D118) and the frigate HMS Beaver (F93), which is lowering people in a lifeboat. They also pass other trawlers. A fisherman descends from the top of the mast, as they pass some high cliffs. The trawler returns down the Humber, where it passes many other ships, including the submarine S37, docked next to an old sailing ship at Hull. There is a panorama of the area, and a man poses for the camera as the film comes to an end.