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YFA 1123



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This film is part of the Wakefield Museum Collection and comprises footage from a council meeting in Castleford which results in the appointment of a new Mayor.


The film begins with street scenes of Castleford including the local cinema, a barge on the canal and the bridge over the river. Following this are shots taken from inside a public council meeting with the presence of councillors. Three men including a judge in a wig sit up on a platform and one of them makes a speech.

In another shot the judge walks along the crowd of seated councillors and collects pages with their votes. Most of the people then file out of the hall and when they reappear they are accompanied by the newly elected Mayor. One of the men puts the Mayoral chains around the man's shoulders and this is followed by a shot of the Mayor in full regalia. His wife is also presented with a chain of office.

Title-The Presentation of the Charter- 30th July 1955.

The next section opens with shots of a street lined with a large crowd of people who have gathered to welcome the Queen Mother. She is introduced to local dignitaries and officials and they all go into a hall. The next shots, taken from above and looking down, take shots of her standing on the stage and shaking hands with all of the people as they file past. A young girl presents her with a small bunch of flowers.

The following shots are taken from a dining room where the Queen Mother and many other are attending a tea party. The last shot is taken from a building looking out onto the crowd of people watching as she leaves. She gets into the car and a woman near the camera shakes hands with many of the dignitaries.