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YFA 2533



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An informative film made by Sheffield Health and Safety Executive, this film highlights the dangers of firedamp. The film includes extensive footage of laboratory experiments and explanatory diagrams.

Title - Ministry of Power Safety in Mines Research Establishment
Firedamp Roof Layers
Laboratory Studies of the Accumulation and Explosion of Firedamp in Roadways and

Through tests carried out in laboratories, drawn illustrations and narration, it is demonstrated how the accumulation of firedamp in underground road ways and mines could cause an explosion.

The narrator explains the importance of ventilation and the velocity of air flow to minimise the risk of a build-up of firedamp. Without this, small sparks could cause an explosion of fire to travel through the road ways. This is demonstrated through a mock set up of an underground road way in which a metal bar falls from the roof, as it hits the floor a spark is caused and the explosion occurs.

Title - The End