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The National Coal Board (NCB) Film Unit is one of Britain's most substantial and long-lasting industrial film units. The following is an informative film dramatising how to prepare for a fire in a coal mine and what will happen in the event of a fire.

Title - The National Coal Board Presents
Title - Fire Underground
Title - This is the story of fire fighting at one colliery. There is no such thing as a typical colliery: there is no such thing as a typical fire. But from the record of this colliery's fire fighting services we may learn lessons which can everywhere apply.
Title - all names of persons and of places in this film are fictitious.

Set in a fictionist pit, the film follows them as they prepare for a fire. Miners are shown checking the safety equipment such as the hose pipes, and that is it is all there and is in good condition.

In the colliery pump house, illustration and demonstrations are used to show how it works. A narrator guides through how the level of water is kept constant, and the speed at which it is able to pump out the water.

From the pump house, it follows underground into the coal pit to show what kind of water pumps are used, and how they are laid out.

A scenario is then played out of a fire in the coal pit, as miners are shown to just start work. Each of the miners actions are followed as they hear the warning bells alerting them of the fire.

It concludes that through the good actions of the miners, people and coal mines can be saved if the right safety training and equipment is used.