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NEFA 21648



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An amateur film made by Betty Cook of a Royal visit, possibly by Queen Elizabeth II, to RAF Finningley near Doncaster in South Yorkshire where she is attending a military parade. The visit may possibly be related to Betty Cook’s husband Arthur who served in the RAF during World War Two.

The film opens with a parade of airmen in dress uniform marching towards camera beside one of the a runway at RAF Finningley. Watching from a number of elevated stands is a large crowd of spectators. A woman, possibly the Queen, is escorted across the parade ground past a number of airman who are all standing to attention.

Four men escort a flag towards a raised viewing platform. A religious service is filmed from a distance. One of the airmen on parade collapses and is escorted away.

General views of marching servicemen, some carrying flags and insignias, parading past the viewing platform. Large crowds in the surrounded seated area watch on. The flags are lowered and the film cuts to show the airmen giving three cheers.

A procession of cars drives up to the viewing platform and the Royal party climb inside followed by other guest. The cars move off. General views show the spectators, many of whom are in RAF dress uniform, watching events taking place. More views of servicemen marching around the parade ground with some of the spectators saluting as they pass. Two platoons of female RAF personnel march past as members of the audience applaud.

A military band performs on the parade ground, the conductor standing on a small podium. The band begins to march and the audience applaud.

An emblem on an overhang of one of the raised seating areas reads ‘RAR’. General views of people walking around the parade ground including Arthur Cook in a suit and Betty Cook who comes down a set of steps in a red dress. A series of flags flying from poles cuts to a marquee and people in dress uniforms or smart outfits walking past or sitting on chairs chatting with each other. The military brass band performs as Arthur Cook chats with two former comrades.

In the air, two parachutists descend to the ground trailing smoke. More views of guests at the event walking past or relaxing. In the distance, a Harrier Jump Jet comes into land. The woman seen previously, possibly the Queen, stands in the back of an open top car being driven past a number of military aircraft on the runway. A number of other vehicles follow in behind. From a distance she is shown around a number of these aircraft.

The cars drive onto a large field next to the runway to watch a display of aircraft overhead. Three helicopters fly past followed by a formation of small aircraft that fly in the shape of the number 25. A World War Two bomber with two fighter escorts is next followed by a series of jet fighters flying in formations of four. A number of larger military aircraft follow.

On the field what appears to be a small boat drives past, the number ‘2760’ written along the bow.

A series of helicopters fly past carrying equipment and personnel, which they then deposit in the field.

More aircraft fly overhead and a camouflaged Vulcan Bomber takes off from the runway and flies in formation with other jets. They all perform aerobatics over the field. A Harrier Jump Jet takes off vertically, performs a number of manoeuvres and lands again. Spectators from the viewing platform enjoy the Red Arrow’s display team as they perform overhead.

The film cuts to show an aircraft parked up near in front of the stands with people climbing on board. The airplane taxis away and is replaced by a helicopter onto which people are seen climbing. On the runway the airplane takes off as the helicopter taxis away. The film ends with a second aircraft parked by the stand with people climbing on-board.