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YFA 993



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This unusual comedy was made by Bamforth and Company of Holmfirth. In this short film, a man visits a phrenologist, and after which, attempts to discover his ideal mate by feeling the heads of a succession of unlikely potential partners.

The film opens as a man pays a visit to two donkeys and inspects their heads and features comparing his findings to a chart. He then visits his sweetheart and discusses the chart with her. She dismisses it as nonsense and continues reading. The man measures her head and compares his findings to the chart; however, this aggravates her to such a degree that she slaps him around. She has hit him with such vigour that he falls into the bookshelf behind him causing the bookshelf itself to fall on top of him and break. Following this, the girls' father walks in and throws the man out the window.

The man then visits two people campaigning for Bombs for Men and Votes for Women. (This is a reference to the beginning of WWI as well as the political feelings of the time including the Suffragette Movement and wartime enlistment.) He then measures the heads of the two campaigners. Angered by the intrusion, the woman puts a bomb under him, and there is a big explosion!

Later the man visits a Phrenologist who gives him advice and a diagnosis. After the visit, the man stumbles on a group of four women at a tea-party. They too are aggravated by his fascination with measurements, and they toss him into a river. Finally the man ends up in Timbuktu and is thrown into a cooking pot!

(The film has several repeats namely-Bombs for Men and Votes for Women; Phrenologist scene. There is a close-up of the cannibal eating meat (presumably the man) and repeat of the man measuring a donkey's head.)