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Made by Leeds Movie Maker member Fred Wells, this animation tells the story of a final conflict which wipes out a planet’s population.  “God” narrowly escapes and comes back 1000 years later, using a “Bio System” to create new life, A.D.A.M and E.V.E..

Title – Parkland Productions Presents
The Final Conflict

The film opens with swans swimming on a lake, and birds are flying in the sky overhead.  Underneath an umbrella, a fisherman sits at the side of the lake with his fishing pole.  The conflict then begins as fighter jets appear in the sky.  They drop bombs near the lake, and from the side, an anti-aircraft gun appears in response.  The fighting continues until another plane drops a nuclear bomb in the lake, causing a large, mushroom cloud explosion.  The land has been destroyed. 

At what looks like a military barracks, of the 4th Battalion R.A.O.C., there is a building for G.O.D. HQ.  A bloody hand raises and pushes a Genesis button on the wall.  There is a monitor which displays graphics related to the radioactive levels which quickly rise to Red Alert.  G.O.D. sets one of the monitors from the year 1984 to 11984.  Large metal plates on the ground’s surface open up, and a spaceship flies out of the hole.  The launch is successful, and in space, the rocket ship turns into a flying saucer.

In 11984, the environment has returned to normal. 

Title – Monitor Environment
Life Systems Normal
Activate Bio System

There are two test tubes, and the contents of each are combined.  A thermometer reaches 37 degrees Celsius, and before long, there is a baby in a basket.

Title – What is his Mark?

Title – He needs Mk2 for survival
Take Tissue Culture and add…

The film closes with two babies, one male and one female, who look at each other with wonder.

Title – A film by IAC Member Fred Wells