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YFA 2418



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This is a film made by an amateur filmmaker who was a farmer in Reighton, near Filey, North Yorkshire. The film features local weddings which took place at the Reighton Methodist Church as well as footage of the family at home and celebrating Christmas.

The film opens with shots of members of the congregation who make their way out of the Reighton Methodist Church after services. The men and women make their way down the church path and out to the street. The Bradshaws pose for a family picture. Following this is a brief scene taken in the front garden of the family house. Here they chat, and one of the girls plays with a cat.

The next portion of the film documents a wedding which takes place at the local church. Guests make their way up the path to the entrance, and a bridesmaid, dressed in light purple dress, poses for a picture at the entrance to the church. The bride and rest of the wedding party arrive. Some hold umbrellas. After the ceremony, the newlyweds and wedding party pose for pictures before making their way to waiting cars to leave the church.

On the beach at Filey, mother and daughter play on the beach. They are both dressed in winter coats and wear headscarves.

Now summertime, a group of local children play together in the back garden. This is followed by footage of the family at the seaside. Again, in the back garden, a few of the children play cricket, and the family poses together outside the front door.

There is a new addition to the family, and different family members take turns holding the new baby boy. The father puts him in his pram, and the grandmother feeds him a bottle and plays with him in the garden.

Following this is footage of another wedding which takes place at the Reighton Methodist Church. Guests can be seen as the bride and groom exit the church on a sunny day. They pose for pictures before the guests throw confetti and the newlyweds.

There is a brief scene of a bonfire before more footage of the filmmaker's son. He is a bit older now and can sit up in his pram.

Following this are scenes of a vintage car parade. Members of Reighton line the village streets to watch the cars as they pass.

The filmmaker's son is even older now, and he plays with a toy horse in the living room. Other members of the family are seated in the lounge and play with him. It is Christmas, and presents are exchanged. Various family members take the time to unwrap the gifts, and Christmas cards hang on the wall in the background. After they exchange gifts, it is time for dessert. There is a shot of the Christmas cake, and the filmmaker's son is fed some dessert by his mother. Everyone is gathered around the table to enjoy tea and cake. There is additional footage of the family relaxing in the lounge, and there is a shot of the Christmas tree, fully decorated with colourful lights.

The film ends with more scenes of mother and son playing together inside the house.