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YFA 5597


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A film showing the home life of a Hull family and a religious/boy scouts parade.

A blonde child in blue dungarees and striped top is seated with four other children and a woman on the floor in a suburban lounge.  Some of the children are very young and have dummies in their mouths.  As the camera moves there is another adult female seen sat next to the gas fire.

There are some poorly lit shots of children playing.

There is a view outside looking down the length of the street. A Cub Scout march/church parade is taking place with lots of uniformed boys and an older female scout leader.  The front two boys carry a large Union Jack and a yellow Cub Scout flag. The party disappears into a building.

There is an interior shot inside a suburban lounge showing a blonde child in red and blue dress and an older boy in cream jumper and blue checked shirt with collar length hair. The girl is pushing a stuffed toy dog in a trolley.