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YFA 2126



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This film contains footage of Filey and Scarborough beaches and the recreational activities offered by both seaside destinations. Also included are brief scenes of York and its famous city walls.

The film starts with beach scenes at Filey, and children swimming in the sea. There are many children on the beach and the girls in the film are wearing school blazers. The throw a ball back and forth, and other children can be seen taking donkey rides. There are beach huts in the background. Boats can be seen out at sea, and there are a few people playing in the water. A few families have dogs with them who also play on the beach.

The next scene is of a boy in a beautiful miniature replica car. He drives around the garden looking very pleased. A girl then drives the car backwards.

The film then moves to Scarborough, and a big beach cricket match taking place. The shot is then of Peasholm Park. There is footage of the boating lake, and a huge boat comes down a slide and crashes into the water. The shot is then taken from the miniature railway, as it takes a turn round the track and back to the station. Many people drive pedaloes in the lake.

The next portion of the film is taken in York. A car drives through the bar at High Petergate. Next traffic can be seen at entrance in the walls near the railway station. A Bovril Trolley bus passes through. Following this are brief scenes of the Ouse taken from Lendal Bridge followed by scenes of York Mister.

The film ends back at Scarborough in the open air pool. Here there are good shots of acrobatics on the diving board. A large crowed has gathered around the pool to watch the performance.