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YFA 803



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This amateur film about Filey was made by Kathleen Lockwood and contains footage of Filey, its fishermen, and the surrounding countryside. There are also shots of Holker Hall in Cumbria and the Honley Show in Huddersfield in 1978.

At Filey some men go to a shed where a lifeboat is housed and then drag it down to the sea with the help of a tractor; other people stand on the beach and watch. The film then cuts to show a fisherman on a boat posing with his lobster catch. There are other fishermen on and around the boat holding up their catches of crabs and fish. There are some close ups of lobsters, crabs and whelks.

Title-Bird life in the forge valley.

There are shots of many different bird species both flying and walking on the ground.

Title-June 6th 1978 Mother's Union Outing to...

Title-Holker Hall.

This section contains footage of a coach full of women who go to Holker Hall gardens. There are panning shots which show the lawns and the flowers.

Title-Honley Show 78'.

Men parade their cart horses around a field and then there is a parade of young cart horses. A gymkhana takes place in a large field which is surrounded by spectators. There are lots of tents set up for the fair and they can be seen in the background.

Following this is a dog competition with red setters, Afghan hounds and Labradors. Some sheep and cows are also on show.

There is a shot of Flamborough Head on the map, and then the shot cuts to a shot of the beach and cliffs taken from a height looking down. Some older fishermen sit on the beach beside their boats winding ropes; on the ground beside them are lots of dead star fish.

There is a shot of a map with Bridlington on it. Then there is a shot of white pigeons and following that, colourful gardens with blooming flowers. The next shot is of Thornton Dale on a map.

A village with a river running through it and then shots of a forest, leaves and close ups of colourful berries.