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Amateur home movie compilation, made by Middlesbrough dental surgeon Tom Brown (Senior), which shows members of the Brown family and their friends at holiday locations around the North of England. The film includes visits to Ruswarp, Richmond, Knaresborough, Runswick Bay, Great Ayton and locations around Yarm in North Yorkshire. Members of the Tees-Side Cine Club are pictured in costume at the rehearsals of the production of 'The Adventure of the Kiltoun Cup' in 1931. Also included at the end of the compilation are short sequences of the 1933 Mayor’s Sunday procession in Middlesbrough and the opening of the Tees (Newport) Bridge by the Duke and Duchess of York in 1934.

Title: A Few Places Of Interest

Title: Chester

This is a short sequence of Eastgate in Chester that shows a prominent black-and-white building, looking towards an arched gateway that forms part of the old city walls. The Eastgate Clock, on openwork iron pylons, stands behind the gateway. A motorbike with sidecar drives past.

Title: Chester Cathedral

There is a view of the exterior of Chester Cathedral, possibly from Eastgate. Many people walk through a busy square beside the cathedral.

Title: Buxton. The Crescent & St Ann’s Well

There are views of the full sweep of the Georgian Buxton Crescent. A sign on the building reads Crescent Hotel. A man peers from between the colonnade of the building. Long taxi ranks line the crescent outside the hotel. Many cars are parked or driving past The Crescent.

Title: Richmond

A man and woman walk along the exterior path on Richmond Castle walls. Two men and a woman are sitting on a bench by the castle walls. High angle view from the hilltop castle over the valley and the River Swale, bathed in strong sunlight.

Title: The River. Knaresborough

An arched bridge crosses the river at Knaresborough. Many people are rowing and punting in boats on the river. People walk and sit along a path by the river. Kate Brown, Mabel Brown, and family friends, Agnes and Herbert Punch, appear in this sequence. The film cuts to a shot of the landing stage for boats, moving to a view of the bridge and Knaresborough, built upon the slopes of a hill. Various shots follow of people enjoying boating and walking by the river. Some smile at the camera.

Title: Tees-Side Cine Club Rehearsing ‘The Adventure of the Kiltoun Cup.'

This section shows the cast of the film 'The Adventure of the Kiltoun Cup' made with Tees-Side Cine Club in 1931. They are dressed in character at the start of rehearsal for the 'presentation of the cup' scene. The group includes Mabel Brown, Tom Brown, and his wife Kate.

Title: Tea Gardens. Ruswarp

Tom Brown Senior's wife, Mabel, and grandmother, Mary Ann Corby, sit at a table outside the tearooms in Ruswarp. They smile towards camera. Many people are having tea outside the tearooms on a windy day. Next, a group of people have a picnic in a grassy area.

Title: At Leven Bridge

A group of mainly young boys sit by the Leven Bridge, near Yarm. There are sequences of the boys diving into the river, some showing off for the camera. A number of people stand and swim in the pool near the bridge.

Title: Capt. Cook’s House. Gt. Ayton

General view of the exterior of the boyhood home of Captain James Cook in Great Ayton. Mabel and T. H. Brown's neice, Daisy Brown, walk up to the house, as two women walk past camera in the foreground. Next, Mabel and Daisy walk towards camera after their visit.

The film continues with various sequences shot in the Lake District, Cumbria. Daisy Brown walks along a lakeshore as cows graze at the water’s edge. Mabel and Daisy stand next to a monument. Daisy climbs to the top of a huge glacial boulder using the attached wooden stairway. The next sequences show steamer cruises on a lake, probably Windermere, and jetties with people waiting to take scenic boat trips. There are several shots of a waterfall that may be Skelwith Force, Ambleside. The waterfall is then seen through the arch of a bridge. The film cuts to people leaving a church.

Title: In Scaling Woods

Mabel Brown and family friends, including Agnes and Herbert Punch, climb a very steep path through woods. They collapse on the ground laughing after the climb. A woman peers through a large fern and smiles at camera. The group have a picnic, their car parked in the background.

Title: At Runswick Bay

View from the south cliffs looking across the seaside and village of Runswick Bay. There are sequences of Mabel Brown, Agnes and Herbert Punch sitting in deckchairs at Runswick Bay. Mabel, seated on a deckchair, rolls down her stockings. Mabel and Herbert Punch, with rolled up trouser legs, paddle in the North Sea at Runswick Bay.

Title: Blackpool Pleasure Park

There are good sequences of various rides at Blackpool Pleasure Park. These include the Virginia Reel, a roller coaster with circular "tubs" that zig-zag down the track. Noah’s Ark can be seen in the background. Mabel Brown and the Punches get onto a gondola for the themed water ride, Bay of Naples. View of the tower entrance of the Big Dipper ride with Herbert and Mabel in the foreground.

Title: Middlesbrough Mayor’s Sunday 1933

Viewpoint from centre of road as the Mayor’s Sunday parade approaches. Two policemen on horses act as escorts. People line the street. A band marches down the street.

Title: The Mayor Coun.A.Cooper

The Mayor, Mayoress and many major and local civic dignitaries march past in ceremonial dress, as part of the annual community prayer’s service, Mayor’s Sunday.

The next sequence records the arrival of the Duke and Duchess of York for the official opening ceremony of the new Tees Newport Bridge at Middlesbrough. The Duke and Duchess (later Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother) opened the bridge that linked Middlesbrough with the borough of Stockton on Tees on 28 February 1934. The bridge was designed by Mott, Hay and Anderson, built by the local company Dorman Long and was the first large vertical lift bridge in Britain.

Title: Duke & Duchess of York At Opening of the New Tees Bridge

Crowds of people line a Middlesbrough street decorated with flags and bunting. This is probably Linthorpe Road or the approach from Newport Road. There are people leaning out of the upper story windows of the terraced houses in the background. The Duke and Duchess of York arrive in a Rolls Royce car with open hood and drive through the crowded street. People wave flags from the crowd.

The procession of cars has halted and the official welcome party congregate at the roadside. These include the Mayor of Middlesbrough, Councillor A. Cooper J.P., and other members of Middlesbrough and Durham County Council. The Duke talks to the Police Commissioner in the background. As the procession of cars wait on the approach to the bridge, the First Battalion of the Durham Light Infantry regiment form a guard of honour in two lines for the procession of the royal party to the bridge. There is a shot panning right of Major E. Heslop and another man in bowler hat as they walk up the line of uniformed men.

The scene switches back to the royal car where the Duke talks to the Police Commissioner. In the foreground the Duchess of York, dressed in a fur-trimmed coat, is talking to the Mayor of Middlesbrough. People start to wave flags in the background.

The Duke and Duchess of York walk to the bridge for the opening ceremony with officials. A press photographer runs to the left in the foreground, in an effort to photograph the royal party. The group walk towards Tees Newport Bridge, close-ups of hands waving in the foreground. The Duchess gives a brief wave.

The film switches to a view of the crowd of people at the entrance to the Tees Newport Bridge, with the twin lifting towers of the construction in the background. A steam train passes by in the background as the camera pans up to show the full structure of the bridge. High angle view of the new Tees Bridge and crowd gathered in the street below at the official opening, a man in flat cap high up over the scene, leaning into frame.



[Note: The Tees-Side Cine Club production 'The Adventure of the Kiltoun Cup 1 & 2' Title no. 10478 of the T.H. Brown collection.]