Film ID:
NEFA 22122



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A home movie made by Raymond James Paiton begins with crowds looking over various stalls and drinking cups of tea as part of a fete taking place at Whitefield Hall near Hepple in Northumberland. The film changes to show two women and a man in a garden followed by a crowd looking at shop window display. The final part of the film shows a man on a motorcycle driving along a suburban road and two cars parked on a country road.

The film opens on a general view of Whitefield Hall with a car parked in the driveway. On the lawn in front of the house a row of tables and people walking nearby.

A group of well dressed women and a child walk past, which changes to show a small group standing around speaking with a stall holder. Clothes are laid out on a table and a decorative tablecloth hangs from a line behind a stall holder. Two older women smile and pose for the camera while in the background visitors continue to look at the various stalls.

The film cuts to an older woman eating cake with a teaspoon from a plate. General views show the women and children walking around the event, also eating cake from plates. An older woman sits on a bench drinking a cup of tea, two women seated near the hall drink tea and chat.


A small boy throws darts at a board hanging from a wall. A general view shows a crowd of people seated around the entrance of the hall drinking tea and chatting.

 A woman with a bouquet stops and smiles at the camera. In a different view the same woman stands next to an older woman in a different garden. Nearby a man looks over bushes of flowers. The film changes to show the two women standing beside a car.

The film cuts to show four women looking in at a shop window display. The signage above the window reads ‘Tucker’s’. A crowd appears and also looks in on the display.

The two women seen previously walk towards the camera smiling. The film changes to show a man on a motorbike riding along a suburban street turning left past a church.

The film ends on two cars, one being a Vauxhall 10 parked on a country road in front of an RAC sentry box. A woman gets out of one of the vehicles.