Film ID:
YFA 3817



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This is an Eric Hall film of the touring Festival of Britain when it went to Leeds. The festivities feature RAF airplanes, a tank, and a fun fair on Woodhouse Moor.

Title Travelling Festival at Leeds

The film begins showing visitors entering the entrance to the exhibition. The facing wall is covered with large images of the exhibition logo. Written across the top in large letters is 'Festival of Britain'. In the grounds outside the main building there are RAF aircraft, including a Lancaster bomber.

Intertitle - Tank loading demonstration

A British Cromwell tank is driven onto the back of an articulated lorry, watched by a crowd of spectators.

Intertitle - Festival fun fair in Leeds

Visitors are packed onto the 'Super Speedway' ride, as well as several other rides, including a carousel. A young man tries to win a prize at a shooting stall, while a woman has a go at the darts stall. The film closes with a boy riding high on a swing as the sun goes down.