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NEFA 14506



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An amateur film made of a school excursion aboard the ferry “The Tyne Queen” as it travels between Newcastle and North Shields in August 1965. The original film is not edited in sequence and begins at around the half-way point in the journey and goes through to North Shields before starting at the beginning of the journey at Newcastle Quayside and ending at the midway point. The film includes views of many of the companies whose shipyards were along the river including Vickers Armstrong, Swan Hunter & Wigham Richardson and Hawthorn Leslie and Company.

The film opens on three large warehouses built on the Newcastle side of the river Tyne.

Low angle shot shows terraced houses and small apartment buildings built on top of Ropery Banks, Newcastle. The camera pans across to the Gateshead riverbank and shows a derelict quayside with warehouses. Two young boys look at the quayside from the railings of the ferry as it passes T. Mitchison’s ship repair yard at Friar’s Goose, Gateshead.

General view of a ballast hill and the factory of International Paint at Felling in the near distance.

Low angle shots of four high rise buildings and terraced houses on top of Ropery Banks.

Five small boats are beached along the riverbank just below a small hut. Merlay Hall or St Anthony’s House a high rise building in Walker can be seen in the background.

General view of the International Paint factory as the ferry passes nearby. Water churns as the ferry passes along the river.

General view of a building along the Pelaw riverbank with a grassy hill behind it. The camera pans across toward Walker to show a grassy ballast hill with and two chimneys behind it. Low angle view of Merlay Hall or St Anthonys House at Walker.

General view downstream shows a factory with three chimneys and tower cranes at Vickers Armstrong naval shipyards at High Walker.   

Two young men pull themselves onto a river wall that is underneath an allotment. A small boat is beached on a sandbank. A small fishing boat is moored along the river wall.  A second is in a slipway.

A large radar dish stands near to a factory; possibly A. Reyrolle and Company, Hebburn.

Low angle shot of four oil storage tankers.

General views of the Vickers-Armstrong naval shipyard at High Walker showing a number of large tower cranes and a ship under construction on a slipway. A Royal Naval vessel is moored at a quayside for fitting out. In front of it is another large crane with a small crane built on top known as “David and Goliath”.

The Titan II floating crane is moored in the river.

General views showing various factories and building along both sides of the river. A cargo ship is moored in the river.

General view of a column guided gas holder.

Two steam hoppers and a dredger are moored together in the maintenance yard for the Tyne Improvement Commission.

A building along the river has the name “Gregson & Co. Ltd” stencilled on the roof. The boat travels underneath an electronic pylon.

General views of mudflats at Jarrow Slake. In the distance can be seen the Jarrow staithe with cranes lining the quayside. Seagulls fly around debris on the water.

General views of cranes and building lining both banks. A number of ships are moored in the river.

The tugboat “Roughsider” travels upstream passed a cargo vessel moored on the river. In the distance can be seen the Bergen Line terminal building at North Shields.

A man in a small boat with outboard engine is also travelling downstream.

Two large cargo ships are moored at Smith's Dock Company at North Shields. The propeller of one of the ships is churning the water as it carries out engine trials.

Another steam ferry pulls away from the North Shields ferry terminal. A crowd of passengers wait on the quayside.

General views of North Shields riverbank include the North Shields Fish Quay as well as the Old High Light and New Low Light lighthouses. Two men fish from a small boat. Anglers fish from Groyne Pier at South Shields.

“The Tyne Queen” of the Mid Tyne Ferry Company pulls alongside Newcastle Quayside. A party of school children climbs aboard.  A view of the Tyne, Swing and High Level Bridges as the ferry pulls away from the quayside.

General view of debris in the water as the ferry journeys downstream. Steam comes out from a vent on the side of the Joseph Rank flour mill.

A young boy leans over the railings of the ferry as it passes a warehouse on the Gateshead side of the river.

General view looking downstream of various berths along the Newcastle quayside including that of the Spillers Tyne Mill.

General views of small buildings and quaysides along Gateshead side of the river.

The camera pans downstream to show both The Cement Marketing Company Ltd on the Gateshead side of the river and Spillers Tyne Mill on the other in the near distance.

The ferry passes the mouth of the river Ouseburn as it enters the Tyne. General view of the Cement Marketing Company Ltd factory as the ferry passes. A large crane stands on the quayside.

A Cairn Line cargo ship is moored along the quayside at Spillers Tyne Mill. Two tugboats are alongside it ready to take the ship away to sea. A number of other small cargo ships are also moored along the quayside.

Two red lorries are parked beside a building on the Gateshead side of the river.

The cargo ship “Granjepolder” is moored along a Newcastle quayside. A coaster and another cargo ship are moored beside two other quaysides.

The Ship public house stands alone on a hillside on the Gateshead side of the river.

 A fire burns at the end of a Newcastle quayside. On the hill behind it is a black building with the name Hawthorne Leslie written across the side.

A Royal Navy Destroyer and a Canadian Pacific cargo ship are moored alongside two separate quaysides. The camera pans towards a bend in the river and shows tower cranes at both the Swan Hunter & Wigham Richardson and Hawthorn Leslie and Company shipyards in the near distance.

General views of a white roofed building surrounded by ballast hills on the Gatehead side of the river. The tugboat “Maximus” travels upstream past a cargo ship moored in the river.

In the distance a Mid Tyne Ferry crosses between Wallsend and Hebburn.

The tanker “Sir Winston Churchill” is moored along the quayside of Swan Hunter & Wigham Richardson at Wallsend for fitting out.

General view of tower cranes at Hawthorn Leslie and Company at Hebburn.

General views of ships and empty berths at Swan Hunter & Wigham Richardson. Large crane dominate the skyline and a cargo ship is moored along another quayside for fitted out.

The ferry passes the bow of the tanker “Olna” which is on the slipway at Hawthorn Leslie and Company at Hebburn. A flag for the Admiralty flies from a mast and workers look down from the ship. A second BP tanker is in another slipway; nearby is a crane with a sign on it that reads “Palmers”. 

A tanker in moored in the river while another is moored along the quayside of the North East Marine Engineering Company Ltd ship repair yards

A small collier is loaded with coal at the Jarrow staithe.

The film ends with a view down the Tyne showing the Titan II crane and smoking chimney on the Wallsend side of the river.