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YFA 2095



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Part of the Nunn Collection, this film documents the festivities which took place for the Silver Jubilee in the village of Fearby, North Yorkshire. 

Title – Fearby and District Silver Jubilee Committee
Title – present
Title – A Few Highlights of the Silver Jubilee Celebrations 7th June 1977

A Union Jack flag flies high on a flagpole. 

Title – Some activities were dark secrets………..

A man and woman are decorating a float using red and white underwear for the flag decorations.  Other men are working on a float, and a man plays with a fake axe.  On the floats, there are displays, one which looks like an altar, and another which looks like a totem pole. 

Title - … but others are quite open

A woman is standing on a stepladder and hanging small flags at the top of her door.  The Black Swan pub is decorated with bunting and flags, and other houses are shown, each with decorated doors.  In one house, a woman cleans the inside of her windows. 

Title – Some folks had work to do…..

A man drives a tractor on a field in order to level the ground.  Following this is more footage of the decorated houses around the village. 

Title - ….. others had done their whack

Three men stand near a tractor where they have a cigarette, and there are more decorated doors.

Sign – The Busy Hands of the W.I.

There is an exhibition of work by the Women’s Institute which includes paintings on display. 

Title – The Parade

The floats are all pulled through the street by tractors.  They are all decorated, and the members of the village who ride on the floats are all in costume.  There is a float with “Wild Indians” and another with a banner which reads, “First the Axeman Now the Taxman.”

Title – The Fancy Dress Judging

Small children dressed in costume wait with their parents while the judging takes place.  Some are dressed as historical or traditional figures, while others are dressed as more contemporary characters including Batman and Robin.  A large crowd has gathered around, and there are many close-ups of individuals taking part in the fancy dress competition. 

Title – And all sorts of sports

People stand near caravan and hold up a rope which is used as a finish line.  First up are the children’s races.  Boys and girls compete in running races, sack races, and relay races.  Next, men play the traditional Yorkshire game of Quoits.  A crowd has lined up on either side to watch the game.  Other interesting games include the egg-catching contest and Wellington boot-throwing competition.  Next, adults participate in running races, a three-legged race, and a tug-of-war.  The film closes with another shot of a Union Jack flying high on the flagpole.

Title – The End.