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This film contains footage of the Fear family including Betty's sister Eunice and her husband Leslie Fear. It follows the events from before the birth of Timothy up until he turns one. The film was made by Betty and Cyril Ramsden. The couple were semi-professional filmmakers filming both for pleasure and taking on commissions from companies such as the Yorkshire Evening Post.

Title-Introducing the Fear Family 1944

The film opens with Eunice and Leslie in the Ramsden's garden.

Title-Coming Events

Cyril and Eunice roll up a large ball of wool together, and Betty sits on a chair while she knits. Other family friends then join in, rolling up more balls of wool.

Title-Every Little Helps

(This next section of film, until the next title, is sped up quite a lot.)

Cyril tries to do some knitting, but he is very slow and makes a bit of a mess of it. He cuts the piece of knitting off the needles and holds it up to the camera, smiling.

Title-The Expert

Mrs Howarth is knitting away in a chair, occasionally looking up and smiling to the camera.

Title-Tower Wood Nursing Home

There are shots of the place where Eunice will give birth to Timothy. The building is seen, and Leslie stands on the doorstep.

The calendar date shows Monday, 26th March, 1945. There are three glasses and a bottle of wine; a hand opens the bottle and pours it.

Title-Promotion of Pop.

Mr Howarth sits on a chair and smiles to the camera while he is smoking a pipe. Eunice is in bed beside Timothy's cot. The baby is asleep, and members of the family look at him. He then wakes, and Eunice holds him in her arms. A nurse comes in and holds him while posing for the camera. Eunice has a big yawn in front of the camera.

The calendar date shows Sunday, May 6th, 1945.

Leslie takes Timothy out in his pram, and there are shots of the baby looking at the camera. Leslie then takes the baby out of the pram and wraps a blanket around it. He feeds the baby with a bottle and then puts him over his shoulder to wind him.

Title-The Christening 22nd July 1945

Cyril stands outside the house with a man in an RAF uniform. They are both looking at a book titled `Rules for Godfathers.' They both pretend to read it and practice holding a baby, and after which, they give the thumbs up to the camera and walk into the house.

The christening party leaves the house with the baby and make their way to `St Augustine's Church, Wrangthorn'.

Title-`Baby' Fear.

Title-Timothy James Fear.

Everybody gathers outside the church after the ceremony.

They then all return to the Fear's home where Mr Howarth holds his grandson. People sit around and have drinks to toast the baby.

Leslie and Eunice bring the pram up to the house, and there is a shot of Leslie with the baby blanket on his head. There is also a shot of a small, white dog with a party hat on it.

Freda and her husband look at Timothy in his pram. Joking around, Freda sticks her tongue out at the camera.

Inside, the table is laden with food, and of Leslie brings in a big, white cake.

All the guests sit around eating, and then they get together to have drinks in front of the camera.

Title-`T.J' September 1945

Timothy is playing with his toys in his pram in the garden; his parents are playing with him too.

Title-Order of the Bath

Eunice undresses Timothy and washes his hair and his face and sits him in the metal bath. He splashes around, and then she dries him off and brushes his hair.

Title-Nearly One.

Timothy sits eating a set of keys and flaps his arms around.

Title-End of Year One.