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Made by members of the Mercury Movie Makers, Fatman is an entertaining spoof of the Batman television series starring Adam West which debuted in 1966. In Esholt City, Fatman and his partner Robin must stop the infamous criminal, The Fiddler, and his gang of henchmen from stealing the priceless trophy to be presented by the Duchess of Guiseley at a classical music concert. The film is accompanied by a comical narration as well as the Batman theme music which usually appears during the chase scenes.

The film begins with a shot of Leeds Town Hall and other shots of Leeds city centre. Leeds will be acting as the fictional Esholt City, the backdrop for this superhero film. The narrator explains all is quiet in Esholt City, but nearby in a sewage works in a remote area, The Fiddler is plotting against the City. There are shots of The Fiddler - a character with a violin painted on his face - sitting in his hideout with his criminal gang. He is planning to steal the trophy for himself, and points out the location of the awards ceremony on a map. Confident and delighted with his plan, The Fiddler personally rings the Police Commissioner on the phone to boast about his upcoming crime. At the police station, the Commissioner receives the call. He, along with the Chief of Police, looks very worried. Using a special phone with an emblem of a bat, the Commissioner calls Fatman.

Fatman and Robin are running up a street.
Title - Fatman
Title - A Stitch in Time

Fatman and Robin get on a rocket-propelled bicycle in order to quickly respond to the Commissioner's call. However, in his haste, Fatman loses Robin off the back of the bike.

The Duchess of Guiseley is to present a special trophy at the upcoming concert. There are many people in attendance at the auditorium to hear a world famous conductor. The Fiddler turns off the lights, and as they come on, it is apparent he has swapped the trophy for a fiddle. The crowd runs out of the auditorium in a huge panic just as Fatman and Robin arrive too late.

Fatman and Robin return to the Fatcave where they use their Fatcomputers to locate The Fiddler. Images on the screens appear to be similar to surveillance footage, and the duo is able to locate The Fiddler at his hideout.

At his hideout, The Fiddler and his gang prepare for Fatman and Robin. They are able to ambush the superheroes as they try to break into the hideout. A girl hits Fatman in the head with a chair, and in a puff of smoke used as a distraction, a boy hits Robin with a plank of wood. Intercut with this fight sequence are intertitles with words such as "CRUNCH," "BAM," and "POW!" As the fight ensues, The Fiddler is able to escape. Coming to his senses, Fatman chases after him. The Fiddler, just too fast for Fatman, captures him behind a barred door. A toxic smoke knocks Fatman out, and a giant cello with a spike begins to descend from the ceiling ready to pierce Fatman, killing him.

The dramatic scene is left in a cliff-hanger while they cut to a commercial break.

Commercial - There is an advert for PAL dog food. PAL stands for Prolongs Active Life. A dog eats from the bowl, and using speeded up footage, the dog runs around the garden.

Title - Fatman

Returning to the show, Robin comes down the stairs and finds Fatman in trouble. Using special device, Robin makes the cello disappear, saving Fatman.

Fatman continues to chase The Fiddler, and chases him through streets and fields. At one point, Fatman's foot gets stuck in a railroad track, and the hero only just misses being run over my an incoming train. As a result of Fatman being caught, The Fiddler has quite a lead in the chase. He ties a tripwire to a barrel of TNT and hides behind a tree in wait for Fatman. Just as it looks as though Fatman's time has come to an end, Fatman gets a side stitch, causing him to stop running and stop the tripwire. He dismantles the bomb and throws the barrel of TNT at The Fiddler. It explodes upon impact, injuring The Fiddler and blowing the trophy in the air and back into the safe hands of Fatman.

Title - Fatman