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YFA 4699



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This is a comedy film about the folly of the filmmaker's father in his effort to fix an electrical fault on the family cooker, ending up being chased by his wife for causing a fire.

Abbotsford Theatre Presents:

A man stands before the camera holding up a board with his name, 'Mr J Smith', followed by a woman doing the same with her name, 'Mrs J Smith' (the filmmaker's parents).

Title: Father's Folly

Directed and Produced by W. Smith

The film begins with Mrs Smith going into her kitchen to turn on the electric cooker to warm up the electric plate. But this doesn't get warm and she shouts out to her husband tending flowers in the garden. He comes over and she explains the situation. He goes to the garden shed to fetch his tools and then opens the electric switch box and re-connects the wires. He packs away his tools and returns them. Mrs Smith then peels potatoes over the sink and puts a pan of water on the cooker. When she puts the potatoes into the pot, they immediately jump out all over the kitchen. The pan catches fire, and she throws this into the garden. Then both the cooker and the switch catch fire, which she puts out with a cloth. Having done this she gets a rolling pin and chases her husband around the garden, and the film comes to an end.