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YFA 2936



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This is a film of a fashion show for the latest line of men's fashions from Burton Tailoring.

The film opens with an older gentleman on stage, most likely giving the greeting and announcing the beginning of the proceedings as he reads from his notes.
The fashion show then begins as four men who walk on stage modelling different suits. These men line up in a row, take off their jackets at the same time, turn around, step forward, put their jackets back on at the same time, and then make their way off stage.

The rest of the film involves a number of men modelling various fashions for the audience including traditional suites, new and modern fashions, outerwear, tuxedoes, smoking jackets, and various accessories. The models walk on from stage right and then exit down stage via the centre steps.

At the end of the fashion show, a number of men, most likely all those involved in the process, and the show models come on stage for a final curtain call, at which point, the film ends.